Life can be unpredictable, be prepared

in life •  2 months ago

Much like the current crypto world life can have its ups and downs and you will never know when they are coming. When we are kids, we think about our life in future and some of us even plan to spend it in some particular ways. We all have some goals in our mind which we want to achieve in our lives and live happily after achieving them. But life never turns out to be that way and even if we achieve our goals we somehow feel that there is a lack or need of something which should have been present in our lives.
You will never know what tomorrow holds for you. If you are living happily with satisfaction today, tomorrow might turn out to be a game changer and there will be an incident which could change your current life for ever and the opposite is also true, that is if you are not happy with your life today, tomorrow might bring something that you will cherish your whole life or it will change your life on its head.
There might have been such instances in your life where you would have felt it. All you need to do is be prepared for both the best and worst case scenarios.
Life can be unpredictable, be prepared..

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very true thats why the tip is to hodl