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Meanwhile, you are providing much needed entertainment for the locals. You are poised to overtake the previous long standing record for "shattiest drink a bombastic tourist will drink because he thinks it is free."
The hotel is offering 8-5 odds against you, in hopes of preserving the crown for Blimey Barney Bloke, the current record holder, who travelled to that arse-fire part of the land by himself with his honeymoon tickets after his bride-to-be was caught slobbing the knob of the church janitor 10 minutes before the ceremony began.
Level 8 in the challenge was sulfur infused rotten eggs and decaying octopus mixed in a blender with two shots of fermented cat urine. You past that before the first 24 hours of vacation had crawled by.
Each level increases in putridness and stomach pumping worthiness by a factor of 10, and you're reading to imbibe in a concoction from the level 12 shelf. Only 3 more levels to beat Barney.
The hotel manager grins the grin of a man getting a 10% cut on all the betting action running through the hotel, which dwarfs the cost of the "free" drinks.


You obviously know the man!! If he is only getting ten percent then he should be getting a rise!! I wonder if sulfur infused rotten eggs and decaying octopus blended in a drink is trademarked? ;0D

I believe it is called the "calamari- who shat their pants", or "Cala-shat" for short.

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