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RE: Everybody and Their Dog

in #life3 years ago

There is something to be said for living a life of abject Steem poverty, begging for food in the trash cans of upvotes and replies, the nails on the chalkboard screech of drivel posts drowning out the sounds of my stomach feeding on my other organs to provide nutrients to continue my pitiful existence.
At least it is comfortable. Protected from the retribution of the benevolent overlords by my banal journey of life.


Be wary, small stomach self consumer, they are watching even now and they stir looking for fresh minions to plough!!

Lol, that stomach line cracked me up :0)

Ever on the alert, as a pauper's human organs are as valuable as a king's to a man in need of a transplant, but can be purchased for much less.

My bargaining soul smells a deal to be made, I will buy it!! Whatever it is, it's mine!!

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