Time to Re-Focus

in life •  20 days ago

A lot has happened in the last few months...
Basically, I have just been passing through phases and trying to deal with things I am not used to dealing with.


Heck! I still feel lost and figuring things out will probably take a while. I doubt anyone has completely figured things out so I have to brace up and do what I know how to do.

I hate to talk about negative stuff frequently...all the negative vibes and all that. Nobody likes negativity, not even me. So I try to avoid it and keep my thoughts to myself which is not really good for me. I do hope to get over this very quickly because I'm already worn out.
We all know worrying and being anxious does not solve a thing but somehow we keep worrying! I might actually go crazy at this pace.

Truth is, whatever you think you know about life, at some point you will realize you know nothing. Good thing is, we keep trying.

Try. That's it...we all gotta have to find something worthwhile and give it our best. We wouldn't know how things will turn out until we try.

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Giving up is not an option at this point, so we push on...hustle and pray🙏


Yes ooo