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RE: The Source of Your Soul's Power - Reaching Into the Eye of the Storm

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Woah! Absolutely stunning photos! Some of the most impressive and captivating I have seen in some time - a great choice you have selected!

That contrast between that calm peaceful beautiful green field and the brutal powerful tornado coming down is one of the best pictures I’ve seen!

Plus that wave is so colourful and calming, I find focusing on a image like this really can recenter the mind :)

That’s great you have focused on Chinese medicine, I have lived in China in the past and am going back in 2 weeks, my inability to speak Chinese limited my Chinese medicine use but this time I hope to use some more for certain issues.

I do feel having self acceptance is so important and being able to be free in our minds takes some time but is then the most rewarding gift in life - moving forward with positivity and understanding how to be happy :) life is amazing!

Love the post, pictures and positive healing message :) thanks!


I agree, these photos actually helped me to refine the title of my thoughts :)
Hopefully you can find someone who speaks English who practice TCM there in China...not sure if that is too large of a request. Chinese herbs are such great healing tools. I would be careful having anyone use acupuncture needles on me unless I knew they were all sterile and not re-used. Thank you for sharing your reply to my post !

That’s great to hear:)

Yes I’m sure some of the students will be able to help me with TCM, I really want to begin learning more about it all. For sure I will be careful if considering acupuncture, I have never had it before but I do have back pain and frequent headaches, so I really want to try acupuncture. I’m guess you have done it before?

I hate taking pharmaceutical pills when I need some pain relief, I just need some time to get it all sorted!:)

Thanks for the reply! Always great to get thinking about new things 😀

Look forward to seeing more of your posts :) 🌅

I do acupuncture daily in my medical practice. I have for the past 16 years. I continue to use this form of healing because it works...not for every one, but when it helps, the results are amazing ! It works especially well for pain conditions. Worth a try :)