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Stay Focused In Your Strengths - Distractions Are Expensive...

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There is nothing well-paying as staying focused on your strength. Any distraction is not only expensive but even dangerous as it has the capability to derail your career, and indeed your entire life.

It's important to always place oneself in a ready position so as to be able to seize opportunities when they come. What people call luck is nothing but preparedness meeting opportunity. A good example is the current low value of Steem. I see many Steemians rushing to sell off their Steem. This is the wrong approach to long-term investment. From experience, this is the very time to buy and acquire a lot of Steem because it is cheap. When the value goes up you will be smiling very happily. For me, the working principle right now is buy, buy, buy, and buy more

Thank you, @chbartist.

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