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So it going to be first time your family sees you so this is going to be their first impression of you. So it's really important to me an honest and really shows who you are. Be an authentic as possible and just express yourself be yourself to make my application stand out i talked about my hobbies that why i wanted to go the us and about why i wanted to do what i was in the u.s. It's really important to have an detailed application so the family will be good fit i wrote a lot about the activities i like to do and even the ones and didn't do or objectives is like to try like i said i would love to fly irish and love to hear about irish music because it's like the whole culture you know I'm interested in it.


The great thing if you are able to send a sound clip of view and shows how you act and how will love to have host family. Don't be scare to use their English cause your whole family knows it's not perfect but you will improve.

When you are film your video then you don't need to be professional of professional type video. All you need to just hold the camera horizontally and record the video and it's super easy.

You must film your all the stuff you have life house, family, friend and your places that you love the most.

Photos are also most important part of your application because it's show how you generally looks and snaps of your life. It's most likely your host family are going to see you day by day basis without them.

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