50 Secrets Of Happy People

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Hello Steemit friends,

I am currently reading a book about happiness. All the entries given to readers are based on research and conclusions by scientists studying about happiness and life satisfaction.


I don't think that a book can teach you on how to be happy but it can give little guidelines and things to think about that might lead you to understanding and practice on enjoying life more.

Here are the 50 secrets of a happy person

  1. Your Life Has Purpose and Meaning
  2. Use A Strategy Of Happiness
  3. You Dont Have To Win Everytime
  4. Your Goals Should Be Aligned With One Another
  5. Choose Your Comparisons Wisely
  6. Cultivate Friendship
  7. Turn off the TV
  8. Accept Yourself - Unconditionally
  9. Remember Where You Came From
  10. Limit Yourself To Thinking About One Subject As You Lie Down To Sleep
  11. Friendships Beats Money
  12. Have Realistic Expectations
  13. Be Open To New Ideas
  14. Share with Others How Important They Are To You
  15. If You're Not Sure, Guess Positively
  16. Believe In Yourself
  17. Dont Believe In Yourself Too Much So
  18. Dont Face Your Problems ALone
  19. Age Is Not To Be Feared
  20. Develop A Household Routine
  21. Dont Be Overprotective
  22. Pay Attention. You May Have What You Want
  23. Dont Let Your Religious Beliefs fade
  24. Do What You Say You Are Going To Do
  25. Don t Be Aggressive With Your Friends And Family
  26. Root For The Home Team
  27. Dont Confuse Stuff With Success
  28. Every Relationship Is Different
  29. Dont Think "What If...."
  30. Volunteer
  31. If You Cant Reach Your Goals, Your Goals Will Hurt You
  32. Exercise
  33. Little Things Have Big Meaning
  34. It's Not What Happened, It's How you Think
  35. Develop A Common Interest With Loved Ones
  36. Laugh
  37. Busy Is Better Than Bored
  38. Enjoy What You Have
  39. Keep Your Family Close
  40. Never Trade Your Morals For Your Goals
  41. Get a Good Night Sleep
  42. Be Flexible
  43. Dont Forget to Have Fun
  44. Focus On What Really Matters To You
  45. Dont Let Other People Set Your Goals
  46. You Always Have A Choice
  47. Have A Purpose
  48. Money Does Not Buy Happiness
  49. Know What Makes You Happy And Sad
  50. Say "So What?"

I want to emphasize on happiness because i feel that we live in a time and era that is labeled to us on what happiness should be like and we go along with it without thinking so much. Some of these little words had an impact on me to how i saw things clearer and made me realized that happiness is from everything in life combine and not focused on just one thing. We here live life chasing for so many things but at the end all we want is just to be....... happy.

I have Hope You all Have a Lovely Week

Don't Forget To Keep Steeming !!!!

Much Love, Suzana

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People out there really need the article like this...mostly people work and work hard to get more money and money but they forget the purpose of their lifes that is to make themselves happy. What we live for if we never enjoy it....just enjoy it and be yourself without thinking people around you, who always blame and comment everything on you.
I really agree with your post. Happiness is yours and sadness is also yours. No one can make yourself happy, only you yourself can do that. Thanks for the tips.....


bereh that divote sigo dum dum nan


Thank you for your lovely and up-lifting comments, Yes we tend to run seeking for so many things without realizing all we want is to be happy. More and More isnt our ultimate goal.

I love this. Especially the "busy is better than bored" point. It's very true. It kind of relates to other points as well like your life needing meaning and purpose, etc. I definitely know that if I'm stuck at home for a few days I start feeling down and alone. When I have a few days out, even if it's busy and tiring I feel better and more accomplished at the end of the day. But then you also need to learn to have fun and do things you enjoy and spend plenty of time with your loved ones. I guess it's all about a balance, isn't it?

"Never think 'what if?'" Is a big one too. No point in dwelling on what could have been, just got to focus on what is.

Great post, thankyou!

really a great article @suerisue most of us are really have some problems at certain points or maybe most of the time, and article like this is really motivational and helpful to overcome with the pain. thank you for sharing this great motivation to us, to me :) god bless you .. i joined steemit last night and trying to enjoy it to the fullest :))

May I add one please:


Love this one too! thanks for sharing :)


It is Beautiful !! Thank you

Very interesting and lovely post! :-)
The secret to a successful and happy life for me is to have an objective you burn for. Something so big for you, you would cry in tears if you reach it. It has to fullfil you from the inside out. The best feeling in the world is, when you reach this goal! And that is true and inspiring happiness for me.


That is very deep !!! Wonderful ! You have that fire from within !!

It is always wonderful to come across posts which are positive and motivational! We need more of that in this world - and less of the opposite!

Happiness comes from within and is something that we all need to work on every day :)

Lovely post - thank you for sharing your tips.


I just wanted to share the living the Golden Rule with you today @jaynie......................Have a Wonderful Day


Totally agree :D
you also deserve a vote and follow


Thank you


You are so welcome !!!Yes, Happiness makes a person shine so bright !!!

Very good post. I like secret 45. Let's rephrase it with John Maxwell - Do not let anyone hold the pen while you write your story.
What was the title of that book ?



Thank You @suerisue I needed to see this right now and I am grateful for this posting. I was just thinking about things coming up in the near future and I forgot how important it is to stay in the moment. I am going to have FUN Today. I will also refer back to this list to keep me Centered and on track to Living the Golden Rule....................


Yassssssss !!! Have Fun !!! Live life to the Fullest ! <3

This looks something I should paste on my wall.
Thanks for the great tips.
Enjoy your day!

You lost me at:

  1. Dont Let Your Religious Beliefs fade

I have to agree with makshay5 on this one...I have never been able to see the benefit of of being a strong religious believer and church member. I was born into a churchgoing family, and wasn't getting answers that made sense to me when I was a teen...so I drifted away from the church and have never regretted it or felt any need to get back into the fold. My children have never been in a church except for the occasional wedding or funeral and have been able to make their way in the world pretty well. We often discuss religion, but from an observational point of view. I guess my biggest beef with all of the organized religions is that they hold immutable beliefs, which, however improbable, scientifically impossible or downright insane sounding they are, cannot be changed. They cannot be ignored. They cannot be interpreted differently. You either believe, or you're not "one of them". I prefer to foster the growth of ideas in my children and support network. Ideas are terra incognita. They are wide open to interpretation. They can change at a moments notice. They can be private or collaborative. They don't require tithing. They are limited only by imagination.

Yeah...I'll stick to ideas and eschew religious beliefs. Seems like a lot more fun, a lot less stress.

The rest of the post rocks...it's really a great list.



Religion can show us the way in a world in which bad things happen. It can teach us that much of what see is so complex we cannot understand why and how it occur.
There are so many mystery in the world, everywhere there are questions. Religion offers answers, consistency and HOPE !!! and This point doesn't only emphasis on religious necessary but to hold your values and believes strongly. I myself don't have a religion, but i do have things i believe in deeply and it does keep me at peace. :)

you are so great thanks for helping us to be happier

this is very true! Thanks for sharing.

Thanks for sharing this great info here.
As you said a book gives guidelines and we have to do the action on the guidelines.

I don't think that a book can teach you on how to be happy but it can give little guidelines and things to think about that might lead you to understanding and practice on enjoying life more.

Also these guidelines have been of help to me
3.You Dont Have To Win Everytime
13.Be Open To New Ideas
16.Believe In Yourself
Thanks for all the guidelines .

I love Enjoy What You Have in option 38. It really cool for my family

Thank you for sharing. I agree that happiness is what you make of life. How you see others and how you treat others. I make a point of smiling at people in the streets or in shopping centers and you will be amazed at how peoples faces lit up when you give them a friendly smile and a "good morning" wish. Have a lovely day and thank you again for sharing.

wow thank you for posting on steemit

A very important one :
Whenever you happend to have a bad day or to be in a tough situation never forget that between this problem and your response there is freedom of choice (it is you who choose the reaction to a tough situation not the situation itself)

thank's you re great ^_^

Impressive Sharing, Enjoy with my vote

เยี่ยมเลยค่ะ:) ขอบคุณสำหรับโพสดีๆจ้า เป็นการให้กำลังใจตัวเองได้ดีมาก บางครั้งเราคิดว่า เป้าหมายหรือความฝันมันอยู่ไกลมาก ถึงยังไงเราตั้งใจทำและลองทำมัน คิดว่า ความฝันหรือเป้าหมายนั้นคงอยู่ไม่ไกลเกินเอื้อม
ชอบประโยคนี้ You always have a choice เรามีทางเลือกเสมอ
Have a great day @suerisue


ขอบคุณนะค่ะ ใช่ ตราดใด ที่เรายังมีความหวัง มีแรงบันดานใจ มีความคิดในทางที่ดี สิ่งดีๆก็จะเข้าสู่ชีวิตเรา สู้ๆนะค่ะ เป็นกำลังใจให้ทุกคน <3

Excellent article to get happiness is needed to use a particular mentality I have mentioned all the points that must be thought and work in style Thank you article in the top of the magnificence worth more than Applvot and follow up I wish more of these contracts Azizi

50 is quite a large number, I think you could probably bunch a few of these together, attitude and thought process being the most valuable in my opinion. Good share though, always good to see good, positive advice


Yes 50 is a lot,...... you dont need all to be happy... just listen to what your hearts says that keeps your soul happy. :)

I really enjoy seeing posts like these. It always helps to boost my spirits and keeps me focused on the things that matter. Great post! Upvoted, resteemed, and followed!


So glad to hear this !!! keep on your amazing energy !!!

I find it very motivational... Thank you for the post..

Cool very nice

#51 Stop gossiping

hope this will help me.. thanks for the post.. upvoted and followed.. hope you will too.. :)

great job.

Always be content with whatever you have is the secret for everyone

Following at least 10 of those points and your life will change significantly..agree, upvoted! Have a gerat day!


I believe that only one secret is enough for happiness i.e




nice cartoon upvoted and followed if you like can do the same thank you.

Those are some great tips to being happy. What I find works for me is love and positivity . No matter what happens am always hopeful and expecting the best everyday :)

Hello @suerisue let me add secret No.51....Regularly Reading the posts by @suerisue
Since I have discovered secret No. 51 I am gonna follow and upvote. Hope you find the time to read my posts.

great information

Sure that's a pack of wise guidelines to a happy life, liked number 33. "Little Things Have Big Meaning" it just directly speaks of the need to 'always' read between the lines to get the most information out of any activity, conversation, speech, post or even in the news, that is to pay particular attention in small matters. It honestly has been a key to make kids happy since they cannot easily articulate their concerns until I personally read their non verbal language.

The only beautiful aspect of this post is you. very pretty you are! stay blessed.

The 16 th one ' Believing in yourself' is the thing which can make any one achieve his goals.

A very positive and motivational. Appreciate it. Keep it up!

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An interesting book review. Although not all can be done by humans, including the author of the book itself.

Thank you for sharing this interesting post.


:) You are welcome

You lost me at "Your Life Has Purpose and Meaning". We as human beings give ourselves very high importance in the large scheme of things. It's funny. And sad!

Laughter I would do any day and everyday. Great article

Wonderful word to follow

That is a long list of items to remember Sue!

Great post, with a great list...

  1. Don't think "What if..." is the hardest one for me!

Tnx for sharing this

That's why I am happy!

Hello @suerisue - Great article! I have upvoted.

I recommend you a movie: The Happy Film by graphic designer Stephan Sagmeister. He has a little pursue on happiness of his own and he shares his experiences with us. And another great book on the same topic is The power of now by author Echart Tolle.

I have a few theories on the same topic which I'll share in a future article. Follow me back @demostene if you want

Post Beautiful

very nice TEXT like it so you get an upvote and a resteem ;)

Nice post congratulations i like Dont Forget to Have Fun and steemit is very fun, thanks for your post

nice post

I agree,with your list.What is the name of the book? I want to add #51...
your eyes!

Hi, @suerisue

Thanks for sharing this important keys to happiness. I really enjoyed reading it.

I'll also add; another key to being happy is to be thankful in any situation you find yourself in, and to always know that the best is yet to come.

I'm now following you. I look forward to seeing your new posts and articles.

Thank you for sharing and reminder Me . :)

All of these are true, and all should be followed to make yourself constantly happy no matter what is going around you.
Great post and keep up the amazing work! :D

secret to happiness is buying bitcoin today

Okay, these all make sense, soooo ... I'm upvoting you.


great post !

This is a great post @suerisue! Love the insight and content you provide us. Always great to see great quality posts from you. 😌

50 happy secrets?? haha nah joking thnx alot honey bun

Sex is nowhere on that list. How you doin'? :)


The list can be so much longer i'm sure Sex is one of it !!!

Probably the hardest of all but one and only source of joy is 'contentment'.

Hi -

Firstly, I think before we talk about 'how to be happy', we need to define more precisely what we mean by happiness, as the word has a very broad meaning. I think we need to distinguish between the following 4 axis (at least):

  1. ‘Aroused’ compared to ‘unaroused’ happiness – or ‘intense, excited peak experience’ happiness compared to calm, contented happiness.

  2. Immediate ‘in the moment happiness’ compared ‘reflective’ happiness – or felt happiness right now compared to our analysis of how happy we are in general.

  3. Happiness as pleasure compared to ‘eudaemonic’ happiness – Or happiness derived from immediate gratification compared to the happiness we derive from striving and possibly suffering to achieve our potential.

  4. Egocentric notions of happiness compared to egoless ideals of happiness – or the happiness derived from ‘gratifying myself’ compared to happiness derived from losing myself.

Personally the only happiness I'm interested in is unaroused, reflective, eudamonic, egoless happiness...

To be fair most of your list is conducive to achieving these things, some aren't.

Secondly, massive lists of 50 things certainly don't make me happy - I find massive lists quite lazy, you should make more effort to reduce, reduce and reduce, developing some more general categories AND some reference to how you've made your selections.

By all means include the original 50 and show us how you narrowed them down.

Cheers medeers, and here's hoping you're dwelling in meaningful happiness!


We all view happiness differently, Thank you for sharing your viewpoint. They are very interesting and useful. This is what i read from this book. I am sure that this isn't all that makes a person, there're so many things that can simple makes a person happy. The point is remembering to be happy and have that big beautiful heart open to receive it. :)

If the person in the pic its you mmmmm you are sooo beautiful. i came for your eyes, your face, your look. i havent read your post, just came for you :-)


Thank you !!

Dear @Suzana
Thanks heaps for sharing the 50 secrets of a happiness :D

Go east or west Suzana is the best.

Happy to follow you, and i wish the same.

All things on earth makes you thirsty again. Jesus is the only one with everlasting water. The way, the truth and the life.

I'm new to steemit ...found your articles to be good reading, stay tune for mine

Fall in love..........

I guess my happiness needs are more basic. A bottle of Jack, Netflix, and a hot guy or gal at my beckon! Kidding (sorta). Great post though! @suicidalviral

I try and be positive all the time and when i see people being negative i always say. "You are breathing and healthy". "Step it up and enjoy life you killjoy " it works most of the time ha ha


That's a very good way of looking at it... Thank you for sharing this. Means a lot !!


You are very welcome :)

happy (adj.) Look up happy at Dictionary.com
late 14c., "lucky, favored by fortune, being in advantageous circumstances, prosperous;" of events, "turning out well," from hap (n.) "chance, fortune" + -y (2). Sense of "very glad" first recorded late 14c. Meaning "greatly pleased and content" is from 1520s. Old English had eadig (from ead "wealth, riches") and gesælig, which has become silly. Old English bliðe "happy" survives as blithe. From Greek to Irish, a great majority of the European words for "happy" at first meant "lucky." An exception is Welsh, where the word used first meant "wise."



Thank you for your interesting information. Happiness means so many things.

Very informative... thanks.

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Be inspiration! Thank you!:)

Awesome story. Thank you very much for sharing. 🌺 Upvoted and resteemed.

My favorites

  1. Every Relationship Is Different
  2. It's Not What Happened, It's How you Think
  3. Money Does Not Buy Happiness

Ofcouse these are not the only things that will make anyone happy but we humans depend so much on things and people around us that these 50 secrets/rules will surely help and make most of us happy. Words are real power, words can break us, words can make us.

This is a good sentence in your writing paragraph @suerisue

I want to emphasize on happiness because i feel that we live in a time and era that is labeled to us on what happiness should be like and we go along with it without thinking so much. Some of these little words had an impact on me to how i saw things clearer and made me realized that happiness is from everything in life combine and not focused on just one thing. We here live life chasing for so many things but at the end all we want is just to be....... happy.


Thank you !!!


okey you'r welcome @suerisue

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These secrets are very true and even science-based. I'm glad you shared them with us. Now I know some reasons that make me a happier person


We all have our own ways to be happy... Life is an endless road of exploring ourselves. :)


Yes, you are totally right :D

Hai suerisue ,Incredible postings, a motivation for me in running the wheel of life of this world, very nice greetings from @amre

I agree on all 50.


Those are great happiness advise tips for sure but the bottom line is - Happiness is a choice in life. How one responds in every moment is our choice.
So I say choose happiness and nothing can stand in your way. It is a super powerful emotion that can spread like wild fire. So keep laughing smiling and sharing good vibes - from choice xxx
Following you

Love It..I must follow some of these..

upvoted and followed you if you like foodrecipies please follow me

Have a happy day and thanks for posting. Followed and upvoted

Good post i like thank you i upvoted and followed if possible are like you can do same thank you