The Stream -- The Storm [vol. 4]

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DISCLAIMER:: This post is part of an ongoing stream of consciousness series. While each part can be enjoyed as a standalone piece, they will be best experienced when read in order. If you'd like to read from the beginning, the first part can be found here.

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* The Storm *

I remain unphased..
not even dazed
by it's magnitude.
What aptitude must I possess
to not be possessed by
fear and terror
As it holds up a mirror
to my own fragile mortality?

Yet my equanimity holds fast.
The Squall's aghast,
it pales, as a ghost.

..The demonic host wavers...

A few more feeble strikes of lightning
scratch the horizon.
It's growl fades

Another gust
extinguishes the storm,
but not before it ** harrumphs**
one last moan of discontent,
then spent,
turns it's grey head..
and moves on.

For a moment..
eerie and unsettling,
but then nocturnal creatures
creep out..
cautiously at first.
Checking if
The Coast is Clear..
or is it the desert?

Undeserted chirps and trills
tumble forth
as crickets strike up
their Nighttime Symphony

And I smile..

All is right in the world.
It will always be.

And Time moves on,
An endless observer
to our transient existence..


This is Part Four, the conclusion of a stream of consciousness writing series. Part One can be found here and Part Three can be found here. Comments, critiques, opinions are welcome in the comments.

Thank you for riding out The Storm with me.

Stay Savvy...😎



Exactly the word that came to me in the last one. As in, 'how's your Dad coping with his cancer?' - 'fairly equanimous' - literally said this sentence yesterday. Life throws stuff at you. Breathe. The storm of life always rages and calms, harrumphs and spits and then sleeps - for a while.

Enjoyed this series muchly.

Love that word and that I was able to use it.

I'm glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for stopping by and sharing :)

You wrote it?

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Its nice to produce such poem

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