30 Day Challenge ~~ DAY SEVEN!

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Day Seven of my Thirty Day Challenge saw the continuation of a disturbing wider trend for me, so lets nip it in the bud by airing it out here now.

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30 Day Challenge!


I'm not going to beat around the bush. I saw myself growing complacent in my shortcomings, which is what got me into my current funk in the first place. However, this time, I'm more aware of something.. It's strange.. like some astral projection, I saw it happening to me as if I was on the outside looking in.

The issue, as I see it, is this: I decide I want to do things, need to do things, to improve myself, so that I can operate more efficiently in work, family, and well, life. This things require time and discipline. But then I also have to balance being present as a husband and father, and a friend. And thirdly, there is the pleasure seeking me that kicks into overdrive every I try to refrain from things that provide instant gratification, and an immediate spike in dopamine.

So, I want to write more, I want to sleep better, and exercise. I need to eat healthier and dedicate time to doing all the good things that don't feel good, but I know will pay off if I can just stick with it.

Two days ago (Day Six) my wife asked me to take her here and there.. Trying to be more present, and a better husband, I complied.. but devoting time to helping her run errands, and also watching the baby, ate away at the little free time I had to write and exercise. and pretty soon that short window had closed, and I had to go back to work and then it was too late.

Then, yesterday, (Day Seven), the boys had off of school. Because they had off of school, they wanted to go out and do fun stuff.. go to the park, go swimming, eat ice cream.. etc.. and I felt pressure from my wife and kids, but also myself, to oblige and spend time with them. However, I had to watch that time window I have in the middle of the day to dedicate towards writing, exercise, etc, slowly and slowly disappear as we went from shopping, to eating, each other successive activity together. Which meant another day undone for my challenge.

Now, as I'm about to enter Day Eight, there is an old friend who is in town. He wants to meet up tonight (Friday night).. in the past that would have meant a debauchery night of alcohol-infused mischief and revelry. In fact, most of my social interactions are alcohol-infused.. it's kinda the EXPAT thing in Thailand, as if ethanol lubrication is a vital requirement to interact with any other EXPAT or tourist that comes around. To say I have some trepidation about meeting up tonight is an understatement.

The thing is, alcohol is the one thing that can easily shatter this fragile attempt to lift my life out of the mire of complacent mediocrity.

Being a helpful husband, loving father, and dependable friend are all good things, but when they are put at odds vying for the short amount of time real estate that I have each day, it creates a cognitive dissonance which manifests itself as a degree of physical stress that isn't good for anyone. Add the little pleasure-seeking devil that loves to apparate whenever the going gets tough and nag me to have a drink to relax, play video games and stay up late watching Netflix because it feels good and its what I want to do..

But I DO like playing video games, and reading, and watching movies.. and drinking.. but when can I find the time to do what I enjoy? I feel like my interests.. and well, me, are caught in the middle of a constant three-way tug of war between outside responsibilities, personal responsibilities, and personal interests.. and its tearing me limb from limb.


I guess a possible solution would be to align these three in someway.. but for now they seem irrevocably at odds. At least I got it out there.. sorry for the extra long post, if you have any experiences with this or any advice, I'd love to hear about it in the comments. Thanks for reading.


There are times when we need a clone, a double, who can do all the things we want to do. I remember when I turned 30 and reviewed all the years I had lived and thought I had wasted one of the most valuable things of this time: time. Then I started doing a marathon of things I was supposed to have pending: family, work, friends. I started to dose the time, and therefore the hugs, the conversations, so that I could do all the things I wanted to do. I longed and regretted the time I had wasted in my youth sleeping, dancing, drinking. But one day I realized that just "humanly" I couldn't do everything I wanted and had to do. There are days when you can do the thousand activities marathon and make it perfect, but there are other days when you get up and enjoy being in bed, reading a good book, with a good beer. That's worth it! I would go with that friend and have a good time. Sometimes it's not the time, it's the people. Hugs and thanks for the support. ;)

wow, well put.. i think sometimes the most stress comes from having unrealistic expectations.. if we reevaluate what's really important and cut ourselves some slack from time to time, it might go a long way for our mental wellbeing. I like the idea of 'dosing' out your time.. to others and yourself.. great way to look at managing this valuable commodity.

Thanks for the support as well! :)

I wonder if it would be useful for you to try and be up and working on your self improvement things while the family is asleep.

Maybe try getting to sleep earlier so that you can be up and exercising before the family wakes up.

That might help you start achieving at least 2 of your goals (fitness and sleep) without any impact on family time.

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yeah, that is it.. kill two birds with one stone.. so I just need to kick my ass into gear.. find ways to break the late night trigger.. I so desperately want to be a morning person, but because I'm so sluggish and tired during the day.. i use the night to catch up on all the things I wanted to/ needed to do during the day, which means I stay up too late, and wake up too tired, and the cycle repeats.. so finding a monkey wrench to tilt that cog would do wonders.

Holy smoke!
Wtf did read?? My diary?!!
Your life and struggle exactly mirrors mine!
I hope both of us will get through this constant war.

Yeah, it is a difficult situation, so it's good to see that I'm not alone.

I think letting go, or creating some mechanic of balance.. like days on days off as @nanybriti alluded to.. might be the way forward.. but hey, If I make headway, I'll let you know. Please update me if you find a way through ;)

Thanks for stoppin by.

Yeah, mate.
I kinda feel burnt out lately, with so much colliding pressures from anywhere.
I wish there's a pause button here. 😭

I'm starting to think that 'succumbing' to the pressure, rather than fighting it, can eliminate stress.. i know it sound counter intuitive.. but i think a lot of the stress that burns us out comes from a disconnect between our expectations vs environment.. what we want is not matching where we are.. either we can change our environment to get what we want.. or we can reevaluate what we want, so that it more feasibly aligns with where we are.

I dunno.. but I do agree..a pause button would be nice :)

Ah, I see you got some psychology approach there. It's my major anyway 🤣.

Yeah, in psychology we learn that almost every cognitive stress cause is the internal conflict between our ideal image of life (expectation) vs our real life.

Years ago, Switchfood made a damn good song about this, it's called 'Dare You To Move'.
And it's always be my comfort song, when I pulled and unplugged my self out of this world for a while.

But I realized, every time I come back to face 'Life', I become stronger. Unfortunately, on the other side, Life just kinda trolling me and upgrade my life challenges! 🥴

Let's see how this gonna play out. 😅🍻

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