ShopAndScan: A update on how I earn upwards of £80 for just 5 min worth of work!

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I did a post on this a while ago and I thought like I should do an update. The link to the previous post is here:

ShopAndScan is a programme that has the user scan their groceries and earn money from doing so.

Recently I have become more involved in shop and scan. I will show you all that I have accomplished with it and how great it has worked for me!


How it works

The way Shop and Scan works by scanning your groceries (weekly) and upload them to their platform.

Shop and Scan is very easy to use, you use the barcode scanner that they provide you with and scan the groceries that you bought on your shopping trip.
You arrive home from your shopping trip, and while unpacking your groceries you scan them. This is a very efficient way to get the job done.

Digital Platform

Shop and Scan has a digital platform which you upload your groceries to their app or website (whichever way works for you) and it is sent directly to the program.

The app itself isn't extremely modern, or good looking. Putting this aside, the program does get the job done.


Shop and Scan relies on a point-based system. Each time you upload your groceries to the platform you are awarded upwards of 1,100 points.

Based on the price of the rewards 1,100 points = £1

these are not all of the rewards, just the most popular ones

What have I achieved since I have joined Shop and Scan?

So far I have earned over £90 the last year. That is a lot with a short amount of time required.

We can calculate this:

5 min to scan all groceries x once a week x 12 months = only 4 hours of your WHOLE year!

Using my reward points I cashed them all out for Amazon gift cards (probably the best option) as PayPal is not an option.

I have bought this Under Armour Rival Hoodie

Under Armour Hoodie

I have also bought this superb VicTsing Rainbow Backlit Gaming Keyboard

VicTsing Gaming Keyboard

With this keyboard I actually did a review on it, you should definitely check it out here:

That was the Shop and Scan program! You can find out more about it here!

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