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I am writing this post from experience and I am always not the first person to take advice in most cases. But as new steemians under rep of 40 it is imperative to say hello to the new community you have made a decision to join.

Steemit is all about relationships, and getting to know each other. Unless you have bought your way into the platform with a large sum of steem. We need to work a little harder and more interactive within the community, if we wat to succeed.

So here are a few basic concepts on how to get more votes, make money off of votes and getting yourself into the steemosphere.

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* Comments:

I know when I came to steemit, I thought all I had to do was post youtube videos and post stuff that were basic and very simple. Not to say that you cannot do that,but the better the content the more the votes! . That ussually is not the only factor by far, but content is definitely going to set you apart from those that are just doing the least.

  • Stick to topics you have a passion about. Talk in your posts like you are talking to somebody. Try to make it as inclusive and interactive as possible.
  • Use pictures. If you do not understand that aspect quite yet. You will notice when you go to write a post a small sentence that says Markdowndown Syling guide. this is your first step in writing and producing good content.
    you will notice in this below picture the link to the guide in the upper right hand corner.

    Comments are a way to get people to know you a little, and if they like the comment you can make some money from it. bonus, Also comments gets you into the consciousness of the other steemians, and in most cases creates a discourse between you and the other commenters.
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Now upvoting has many advantages to it. Firstly you in some cases well get an upvote from others who you upvote. But, I can't stress this enough. Do not beg for votes. If you want to blacklist yourself amongst our fellows, just don't do it
Also as you grow your steem power if you vote well you can make money of curation. Which essentially is supporting the post through your upvote. At first when your steem Power is low you will not make much, but if you can come up with a strategy you can make 10-20 cents a week just for upvoting. I have a little over 100 SP and I average btween 9-15 cents/week in curation which grows as I vest steem back into the system. The system baically rewards you for being genorous with your votes.Now, with that being said. Never let your SP drop below 80% and you can monitor this on, this is a grat site which keeps track of everything for you, so you can have a clearer picture of where you are at.
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Simple enough, you write a post you tag to what you wrote about. RIght and Wrong.

I would say the tags are the key which open the door to the masses of steemians just waiting to vote for you.

**Do not write about animals then tag in crypto, steem, life, etc. Use the tags that are fairly relevant to the topic you are writing about. *Here is a trick.

go to your feed and on the left hand side, I belive is a list of tags. Click on look up more tags at the bottom of the list. This will give you how active each tag is and how much of the reward pool it is accessing. which to you means better tags, more reward.

Do not under estimate the power of tags. You may e producing dynamite content but just placing it in the wrong place. Take heed of this part. very important

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Now, Discord is not a part of steemit, but be sure that this is where everyone goes to chat, get to know each other, promote their posts, become a part of a community.

Discord is the Facebook messnger to Facebook, as it is to Steemit.

Make sure, you are friendly, respectful, and kind, and aware of other feelings. This is not youtube and there is little to no tolerance to Trollers. The app cab be downloaded at www.discord,com. I highly suggest this you, if you want to get a leg up on getting ahead in you rep points and post rewards. Not because discord is connected but because the people are and you can promote your posts within the program and get attention to you posting. Super great tool
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Now, this seems like for a startup on steemit for newbies and minnows a superior upvote service which I can tell you is on the rise. There is a limited amount of space for astronauts(steemians) in the amount of 200 seats available. This I have a feeling will be big. It has all the right players involved, a good positive atmosphere and good solid unlimited upvotes for the membership.

I have a feeling that with this premium upvote/curation service for anyone who can afford 4 sbd would be the perfect vehicle to get you from where you are to where you want to be. unlike minnowbooster and randowhale this is a one time/monthly fee which gets you maximum returm on investment. Jump on this one. If you do, I will see you there. I did. Join here
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Steemit is a largely community based social media site, with the added incentive of makin some money.

which I think is beautiful, there are so many people I have talked on here from less fortunate coutries and steemit is making the difference between poverty, and paing rent, buying food, getting an education. Absolutely beautiful. I love the devs for coming p with this site.

To make the best out of steemit just remember stay involved, have your say, make friends and most importantlyHave fun

You are a part of the community, when you say so. There are so many countless people who are more than willing to help give you a hand up and assure you success. I am one of them. I am still a minnow, but you are alway welcome to pick my brain if you need some help in having a little success.! Remember, If we can do it so can you.

Never give up. Try to power up as much as possible and be human. If you show other that you are willing to give what you have, whatever that may be you will find quickly how much people here want to help you succeed!!

any question, or comments feel free to post and I will get to them as soon as I can!!steemit header2.gif

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Love the graphics. Id recommend newbies to join contests to try and have your name be more familar. As a contest holder the most active players get noticed by me.

If any newbies have any question have them also message you on discord.
The app is a great way to have personal conversations and get to know users as more than a name on the blockchain.

Right on @swolesome Thanks for the added info for the new guys/gals I hope this post can give a bit off an edge to, that I never got.
Take care,

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Ok, then.

Very nice content, thanks for sharing
Thanks for sharing the video with us.
I've resteemed your post!

Thank you @mdo. What happened to your rep??? I hope you gain it back quickly. Don't give up. We will help you!!

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These are all good tips for a new Steemian. Especially the advice of 'no upvote begging'. That one is crucial. Thank you for laying all of this out so clearly. Steemit really is all about 'esteem'. Even more than 'popularity', it's about how esteemed you are within the community. @ironshield


Thiis is a helper post. Thanks for your effort!

Thanks @detlev!! all I can hope is that it helps retain new members to the platform because they can figure out some of the do's and don't's. learn from our collective mistakes. Steemit to me is a community/Family. I have made some real good friends on here. Just trying to pay it forward. :)
Thank you for your comment!!

Thumbs up for this great post. I am a newbie and with this post, I have been able to gain a lot and I think this is a head start for me and other newbies like me too.

Thank you @chke07eu I just want to see peope succeed at making some $$$ and making this their home away from home. IF I can save some people some of the mistakes I have made. Then I feel like I made a worthy post. I wish you tons of success. Ohh and the most important thing is persistance. Never give up. Just keep chipping away at it.
Cheers my friend!

Thanks steveblack and commenters! Great advice and I can attest its true! I recently started making money on posts and deepening connections with other steemians by doing the things you suggest! @dakini5d

See!! Now that makes it all worth while to know that you can be of service to others who you have nothing to gain from. That makes me very happy @dakini5d that things are working out for you. Thank you for posting that, so other that read this, can see that we are just trying to help.

A nice post you have. For me, the way for newbies to make it when they just joined is to engage. Steemit works like other communities out there. Stick you face of you want to get known.

By the way, your spellings of 'discord' are wrong.

LOL. AHAA, Thank you very much. I am having problems right now with steemit. But my spelling is mine.

These are great tips. Especially the advice to get on discord. This was probably the best tool for getting to know people on Steemit, outside of Steemit.

Never let your SP drop below 80%

(I think you meant "VP" or Voting Power)

It's excellent advice, however this is the only tip I can't seem to follow. :-) I use steemvoter and support a lot of excellent steemians, plus I like upvoting posts and comments frequently. This means I can't seem to allow my VP to recover back to around 80 - 90, were it should be. What could be a $0.10 upvote ends up being only a few cents. says I have to wait about 68 hours (!!!) without any upvoting to recharge to 100%. Maybe I should go on vacation for a while. :-)


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This is excellent advice for all Steemians, not just the newly arrived.

Interaction, via comments & Discord, is the most overlooked, underrated, and beneficial aspect of being an active contributor & netizen of Steemit.

I think that may speak volumes about the nature and intent of those who over time persistently ignore this aspect of social media.

Great post and advice, resteeming.