Why Rape Is So Scary: Health Risks You Never Knew Of

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Hello steemians! First of all, many thanks to all those who stopped by yesterday to read, upvote and comment on my post. I really appreciate it. So without wasting words, let's get on to the topic of today; rape.
Before I start, this work is by no way mine. I'm a Biological Sciences student and this is just a compilation of facts I gathered from research. Thank you
Women, to me, are the most beautiful creatures nature has gifted mankind, only after unicorns though..lol. In their own way, regardless of whatever culture or part of the world you find yourself, women command respect as people in high places, love and tender as wives and mothers, and provide comfort and happiness as lovers. However, this does not shield them from the cruelty of the world, and more often, they're the victims of violent crimes because of their vulnerability, leaving the petals of their beauty bruised. On an endless list of crimes against females, rape, is that one which fuels the passion behind this post. The effects of rape are numerous and experts usually group them under physical and psychological. My focus is to explicate the more common physical effects as psychological effects usually have a bearing to the victim and the society she finds herself.

Does it hurt?

It hurts so bad. And I mean physically. An unprepared sexual encounter for a woman could prove really painful instead of enjoyable. Women need to be aroused and completely in the mood for sex. Wetness even does not guarantee readiness for penetration as many men think; lubricants may still come to play.* So there's no foreplay, just "forceplay"*. And forceful penetration would cause damage to the delicate walls of the vagina and this proove very painful. This could lead to vaginal bleeding or anal bleeding in cases of forceful anal penetration.

Other health complications..

Inflammation of the vagina known a vaginitis which is characterized by vaginal itching and a discharge may be contracted.
Vaginismus, apparently rare is also another condition rape victims may experience. It is a condition which affects a woman's ability to engage in any form of vaginal penetration. Apparently, it is controlled by an involuntary muscle spasm that makes penetration painful and mostly impossible.
Not forgetting the fact that struggling during rape could cause injuries from falling, hit with objects etc.

Long term effects.....

Many unwanted pregnancies are known to result from rape. Studies have proven that many adolescent pregnancies in Africa are results of rape. Consequently, attempted abortions may lead to complications and even death. Also, child birth complications end up with many of these bright futured girls dead.
Risk of contracting STIs( Sexual Transmitted Infections) includingHIV/AIDS cannot be understated. Most of these STIs have long term effects even after treatment and there hasn't been a completely effective cure for HIV/AIDS yet. Sometimes, the desire to have sex is lost to rape. Even with partners, the woman lacks the sexual fantasies and desire for sex. This condition is known as Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder(HSDD)or ** Inhibited Sexual Desire(ISD)**. Painful sexual intercourse in the future with spouse or partner could proove painful due to medical issues(like some of the earlier mentioned conditions) or psychological issues. This condition is referrd to as Dyspareunia.

It's dehumanizing and wrong

Raping in any case or situation is wrong. There shouldn't be any arguments about this. Many people argue that it's sometimes the body-exposed dresses of women cause some men to perpertuate the crime. No! No! No! It's wrong today, it was wrong yesterday and it'll be wrong tomorrow. Say no to rape, it tarnishes the image of the woman and it poses life-threatening health risks. There is nothing more enjoyable than sex yearned for by both parties. If you liked this post, don't forget to upvote and leave a comment below. Thanks for stopping by
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Wish every man get know of this and turn away from their evil ways thanks @steempoet resteem

It's really bad. Thanks for stopping by

This is so true and thanks @steempoet. Resteemed

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It's too often forgotten that orifices enter inside the body. Rapists wouldn't like if I forced a carrot in their earhole, no matter how seemingly dull.

It's also understated that sexual intercourse with children, animals, the unconscious, and those with dementia is always rape, even when seemingly consensual (due to abuse-grooming, mental health incapacities, confusion, inability to defend, etc.)

Thanks for posting about this. Unfortunately, sexual predators are not swayed by reason. They don't read an article and say, "Hm. Maybe I should stop raping." So in a way, it preaches to the choir.

That is soo true. We just hope that this post may sway the minds of anyone who may be considering the act. Thanks for your comments and taking time to read my post. Gratitude!!

Sadly, I don't believe it ever will sway a predator. But its a reminder for us to be cautious of predators and not forget they're out there.

Sad truth yeah. You have great insight @omitaylor. I just followed you. I hope to learn more from you. Thanks for stopping by.

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Great insight @steempoet resteem

Thank you so much. Let's spread the word. Our women are being ripped apart and it breaks my heart