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RE: Why Rape Is So Scary: Health Risks You Never Knew Of

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It's too often forgotten that orifices enter inside the body. Rapists wouldn't like if I forced a carrot in their earhole, no matter how seemingly dull.

It's also understated that sexual intercourse with children, animals, the unconscious, and those with dementia is always rape, even when seemingly consensual (due to abuse-grooming, mental health incapacities, confusion, inability to defend, etc.)

Thanks for posting about this. Unfortunately, sexual predators are not swayed by reason. They don't read an article and say, "Hm. Maybe I should stop raping." So in a way, it preaches to the choir.


That is soo true. We just hope that this post may sway the minds of anyone who may be considering the act. Thanks for your comments and taking time to read my post. Gratitude!!

Sadly, I don't believe it ever will sway a predator. But its a reminder for us to be cautious of predators and not forget they're out there.

Sad truth yeah. You have great insight @omitaylor. I just followed you. I hope to learn more from you. Thanks for stopping by.

Followed back! Thanks for following. :)

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