Reflections On Loving -Part 9 : Servanthood Will Save Your Marriage

in life •  2 months ago

''The sun never says to the earth, you owe me. '' -Hafiz


Being selfless is what I have strived to and will continue to strive to be all about.
Love is a game, and in order to win at it, you need to be selfless first.

Romantic relationships are tough, and marriage even more so.
Being at the service of others is in my eyes the number one key that can make love survive through the years.

And as I have stated many times before, the start of it comes inside ourselves.
You need to have healed your heart, your own wounds, and have a solid sense of your own value in order to contribute to the other person to whom you are sharing your life with.

It’s a continuous process, but it is crucial to be aware of it.
Falling in love is easy, but staying in love is quite the opposite.
It demands a lot or work.
But most of all, it requires us to be at the service of our partner.

Nowadays, love is almost treated as a transaction.
If I do this, then you shall do this.
You owe me, I owe you.
While to get married we technically sign a ''contract'', nurturing a relationship is not like nurturing a business.

Marriage should not be 50/50.
It should be 100.

The ultimate goal would be to wake up in the morning while asking yourself:
''What can I do to make my partner happy today? ''
Starting the day with this question will almost guarantee you the best possible outcome.
If you enter marriage as a selfish soul, you are unfortunately very likely to leave it in the same way.

We are not on here for ourselves only.
We are on here to contribute to others.
To make this world a better place.
And starting with the person that holds a piece of your heart is the greatest way to do it.


What is the environment in which you will let your love grow?
Will love be the focus of your home every day?
Will differences be not only accepted, but celebrated?
Will you try as best as you can to make the other person happy?
Will you choose each day to honor that person until the end?

lao tzu.jpg

If you wish to create a love that will transcend your time on earth,
you must let your ego die in the process.

One love to you all, 💫💚


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I sure could use some servants. ;) lol



I agree selflessness is important but being selfish also has its place. If you're completely selfless you start to lose yourself and that will be a disservice to your partner. You also need to be selfish with one another and not let the world come in between the two of you, which happens far too often these days :)

Oooh someone is hitting up the Loa Tzu quotes. My favourite one is "Free from desire you realise the mystery, caught in desire you see only the manifestation"


ya man I'm hitting them up cuz the guy is the bestt!!!
Dayum! that's a profound one eh!😉
True say true say.
But in the end, being selfish will not make you happy nor make your relationship last 😉
We come to this world with a natural selfish tendency.
Being selfless requires an actual conscious effort and that's how you bring love to an another level.

I have been very nice to my mind. Thank you


Please keep on doing so!💟

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Not as lovely as you as a kid!!!! 💓😍

I personally do not believe in being selfless. You first have to take care of yourself. That way you have the energy, feel good and have the power to help others.

Falling in love is easy, but staying in love is quite the opposite.

Ain't that the truth? 😉


omg you're too cute for quoting me mister😌 💗
I know das the truth😉