Fighting Temptation

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"Good habits result from resisting temptation" -Ancient Proverb


The Devil Always Comes Looking Good

The two sovereign masters that govern us at all times: the bad vs the good.
Choosing the bad over the good is the easy choice, but it's also the one we must talk ourselves out of doing.
The truth is that you can't rely on your mind alone to know better, because this little bad boy will sooner or later disappoint you.
From a rational perspective, you know that eating that chocolate cake will fuck up your newly adopted habit of eating clean, but as most of us know, knowing will never be enough to prevent the damage from happening.

All It Takes Is A Second Of Weakness After All

More than ever in the world is temptation ever present.
All kinds of them. At every street corner.
How can you ever be safe living in a place where you are almost constantly surrounded by millions of stimuli just waiting for you to give up on your inner strenght ?
Your subconscious mind knows a lot more about you than you probably know about yourself. He stores every thought, experience and memory of yours. And all he has to do is pull one of them, one of your weak little spots, and suddenly you find yourself having to make one of the hardest decisions:
Choosing whether we want what feels the best now, V.S. what will feel the best later. Simply put, it's a fight that opposes the should v.s. the want.
You want X, but should you pursue it?
You know the answer for that one😉


Why Discipline Is The Best Gift You can Give Yourself

I will never stress this enough - but investing in building your capacity for greater discipline is a habit that should be cultivated daily. What's more is that discipline is a skill that can be beneficial in all areas of life.
Every timer I shower, I switch between extreme hot and extreme cold water. This weekend, however, I decided to take my shower right after a member of my family took it, and so I knew that there was a great chance of the water turning to extreme cold at some point during my shower. Nonetheless, it didn't stop the little wanna b warrior in me to prove to myself that I could do this. Because I thought, hey, if I can just chill in ice baths for quite some time, I got this like a piece of cake, right?

Well fuck no. This 15 minutes was nothing short than pure imposed torture, and as much as I tried to trick my mind into thinking that it wasn't, I hated every second of it. But the great news is that as soon as I got out of the shower, my mind felt like bliss. I found myself in such a relaxed and clear state of mind, and then I tought to myself that there's really no better way than a cold shower to discipline the fuck out of yourself when your willpower game could use a bit of it.


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Oh how I've missed reading about my inner struggles on your blog, ahahaha. Thanks for that lovely reminder, it's so good to know others who care face it the same way day in and day out <3


Wow! Thank you so much @paradigmprospect 💓🌟🔮!
Your sweet words mean a lot to me and I never forget about your beautiful soul! Xoxo

"The Devil Always Comes Looking Good"

She does? That's not fair :-)

(Leonard was another Montrealer!)


I wonder if @onceuponatime ever had the chance to visit Montreal ^^


I’d love to visit Montreal I’ve heard so many great things about the city! I would love a tour

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Several times.


Love the "several" 😉

I hope I’m not see as a devil or temptation because I love a @steemityourway post

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