Amazing Benefits of Drinking a Lot Of Water

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It’s a well-known scientific fact that water is life. However, we seldom tend to appreciate how important it is for our wellbeing and survival. In the middle of a busy, modernized, sedentary lifestyle and newer, more exciting drinks we forget to realize the value of consuming enough water through the day.

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The only drawback of drinking a gargantuan amount of water is water intoxication that occurs after drinking 0.8 to 1 liter of water per hour, an amount which our kidneys can’t process. How the body is normally able to process 20 to 28 liters of water each day. Obviously, that is not the amount suggested to be consumed, as the suggested amount of water we should consume every day is 2.7 to 3.7 liters of water, varying from person to person on basis of size, age, weight, gender and other factors. Water intoxication is a condition that occurs when due to overconsumption of water our body electrolytes like sodium becomes diluted and imbalances the optimum concentrations, which induces natural osmosis and causes the cells to imbibe and swell. This condition is rare, termed as “Hyponatremia”, and normally causes vomiting, headaches, and nausea in non-severe cases, but more serious issues in severe circumstances. However, a few liters here and there wouldn’t cause any such problems. By the 8x8 rule, we should ensure that we consume at least eight glasses of eight-ounce water each day.

Here are some of the most important benefits that should persuade you to drink a lot of water and do away with all the sugary beverages you consume.

  • Maintains the balance

Fluids are really important in our body, as more than half of our body is made simply of water. It's important to maintain the balance of what our body consists of by refilling the amounts we lose in sweating, excretion, and perspiration. Each one of our cells in our body gets thirsty and needs to drink water like we do. It also works as a carrier of transporting food to different parts of our body, digest our food and maintain our body temperature.

  • Weight Loss

Obesity is a serious problem in today’s sedentary world, and one of the reasons is the lack of water intake. We have substituted fresh water with sugary drinks, which only makes the things worse. Moreover, drinking more water has been linked to weight reduction in other ways as well. Drinking more water can give us a feeling of fulfillment and makes us want to consume less food, hence fewer calories.

  • Fuel

It’s what makes our body muscles work. Working hard during the exercise squeezes out the water from our muscles. That’s why our muscles could pain and feel tired. Just like the engine needs to refill oil to function well, our muscles need enough water content to work more efficiently with more energy.

  • Skin Benefits

Water certainly detoxifies our entire body. It does not only wash away toxins and waste out of us, it also works as a carrier to draw out of our body anything that our body rejects. Many toxins in our body cause inflammation on the skin as an expression. These inflammations can block the pores making it difficult for our skin to breathe, resulting in acne and pimples. Many female celebrities would use “drink more water” as their shield against all the beauty questions they are asked.

  • Healthy Kidney

Our kidneys do a great job each day by filtering out the waste and toxins from our blood and passing it out in urine. A lot of blood is passed through the kidney every day, and it needs to have enough fluids to carry out its function effectively. Drinking more water can also reduce the risk of developing kidney stones as it will wash away any remainders before they deposit for longer to form stones.

  • Hydration

Drinking more water will always keep our body hydrated and fresh. It helps to concentrate better at work, be more attentive, feel less fuzzy and confused and be more productive and alert.

  • Kills lethargy

Most of the times, we feel lethargic due to no reason. That may be because of dehydration of our body. For many people, living an artificial, sedentary lifestyle tricks their brains into demanding less water than they should actually consume. In this way, we may not feel thirsty for long hours. But despite that we should also remember taking our glass of water at periodic intervals to remain fresh and energetic. Water is so efficient in this regard that you will start feeling energetic right from the day you start practicing this.
So, the next time you feel a need for an extra cup of coffee, try drinking a glass or two of water.

  • Painkiller

Water can be a great painkiller. You may be feeling different kinds of pain only due to not consuming sufficient amount of water, including joint pains, headaches, strains and muscle cramps. So, the next time you get a headache, try drinking a couple glasses of water and wait for 10 minutes for it to disappear, instead of reaching out to your pills. It can help even in case of a headache due to a boozy hangover.

  • Improves digestion

Lack of water can cause digestive issues and constipation. Drinking more water can hydrate our colon and help things, you know, slip out easily.

  • Fights disease and Mood Swings

It boosts up your immunity and keeps you fresh. it doesn’t work directly to kill the disease like a medicine does, but it certainly helps feel better if you’re a little under the weather. It also calms you down if you’re upset or angry about something.

  • Mental Strength

Water can help your brain function better. It can help refresh your mind and focus on the task at hand more attentively. Drinking more water will help our mind become less strained and help us think more clearly with increased concentration.


For all the amazing benefits of water, let’s start finding excuses to give up on unhealthy sugary drinks and use these reasons to drink more water. Excite up your glass of water by squeezing half a lemon in it, and enjoy every sip of it!


Interesting and scientifically based post. Well done, awesome information about one of the most essential elements of life!!!

i've read somewhere that if you drank 5 litres of water in one day you'd die

This is just incredible, i have quite heard about how important water is to the body but not as voluminous as this. Its very true because i found that people who take much water don't fall sick easily. I have made this a habit.

Drinking water is so important and everyone should read this! Resteeming it immediately :)

You can live up to 44 days without food (DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME!) but after 3 days without water your body would perish. The infographic below adds more info on the subject of water.