Excuses won't change the wins or fails...

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“If it is important to you you will find a way. If not, you will find an excuse.”

Excuses are what confines people to their present situation. Excuses are the fallacious reasons that restrain people back from taking action. Action apparently is the key. We should all cultivate the habit of being an action taker and not an excuse maker in other to make your dreams a reality.
Setting meaningful goals can be horrifying and anxiety-provoking. Sadly, our mind is likely to correspond to our fear by providing us with excuses that propels us to give up before we even start, that subvert our efforts once we do begin, or that send us into a ceaseless cycle of procrastination.

Each human being has four qualities: self-awareness, independent, consciousness and creative imagination. They give us the greatest human freedom: the power to choose, to change, to react …I am personally convinced that an individual may be an agitator of change, a “transformer” in any given situation, in any organization/ firm. Such an individual is like baking powder that can eventually make an entire bread loaf rise.
Qualities such as tenacity, patience, initiative, respect, vision, courage and the faith to be a leader of transformation.

Practically, when we think we "know" then we can also think we can be the managers of other people. Knowing that with responsibility also comes the consciousness that the mistakes we make our fault, because we have failed to guide someone accurately.
Therefore, “I want results and not excuses” can simply be applied to others, but first of all we have to claim it for ourselves. There are no justifications!

Some excuses most people make

  • I might fail
  • I'm overworked
  • That's not my job
  • i don't think am fit for this
  • I don't have all of the answers yet
  • I'll wait for the boss to tell me what to do
  • I don't understand all of the variables
  • I'll finish that later.


The mother of failure and destruction is procrastination or excuses, most of us barley know what we could have achieved only if we've left that comfort zone and get busy.
Probably the whole world would have been in darkness if the crazy mind who brought electricity to his world gave excuses for his failures.
You don't fail so you should quit, you fail to pick some valuable point for when you continue the journey to success and greatness.
With boldness we should say NO to excuses and YES to results and then together we make the World a better place.

Watch this short clip and I hope it makes you get the whole idea.


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Mr@stach it's true.. Excuses confines one to the present situation
It's happened to me today...Excuses slows down opportunity....
Really love the post so informative and motivative...

Thanks for the feedback @edibobo, am glad this article added something unique to you.
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God bless you fro this great article. Excuses and Procastination is a lazy mans aplology

Thanks for the feedback @followchrist.
Stay awesome!

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Procastination is a way of showing sence of irresponsiblity. Actions is believing because they are visible. Excuses and blames has been the ultimate opinions of failures. Refuse to be a procrastinator and become deciplined with your decisions.
Nice post @stach

Thanks for the feedback @maduprecious.
Stay awesome!

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Thanks @stach

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