Perfectionism Reverses Your Priorities

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Perfectionism would either leads you to or is caused by fear, solely depending on the individual. As the most important tasks to us appear to be the scariest ones, fear takes us on a drive to choose zero-risk and un-important activities to fill up. Take for example, it reverses our priorities. Once your priorities are reversed, you really might find yourself attending to trivial stuffs and social media like a must-do activities, and thus ignoring the very things which you really ought to do. A good number of perfectionists have this genuinely high standards. If you act anyway, it’s really not a problem. But a lot of persons adopt perfectionism as an excuse; thus wearing it as a mask in a bid to disguise their fear. While the outside view of the mask shows a person who (poor thing) can not help that their standards are way too high. But beneath that same mask is just a person whose way too scared to face the reality of taking an imperfect action. Imperfect action is the only reality we have available Note: I’m not talking about people with clinical OCD; that’s another way different matter.

Perfectionism could be a life destroying problem once it has successfully reversed your priorities. Here’s how it's closely tied in with procrastination:


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The pseudo-benefit of procrastination, let's say staying in a deliberative mindset is the fact that it maintains the illusion of perfection. It’s only once the trigger is pulled and you say, “I’m going to work on this project right now” Gbam -- that's the moment you get exposed to an entire new wave of imperfection. Just before action, it’s seemingly quite possible that you could just dive into the perfect mood, get hold of the perfect ideas, and thus deduce a perfect result.

Irrespective of the fact which we all know that it takes hard, non-pretty work to accomplish something that's meaningful, thus the perfection fantasy about our lives and work can still persist it’s an emotional desire rather than a logical one. In real life context, conditions for work and results from work are never perfect. This is a real life example, a portion of this was penned down with an aggressively affectionate cat kneading my thighs and some other key areas. It was kinda imperfect for productivity; it tickled and made me laugh, but I continued anyways.


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