The Move 🏠 Time Laps Video of Furniture Build

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Time Laps of 2 hour build in 2 minutes.

First off, you might notice the completely useless, but cute, upper cabinets that came with the apartment.

There is enough space for real ones, but someone wanted the cute ones with gas filled struts. Those are fun the first one or two times you open them. :)

Second, the bottom ones are broken - a couple of them. I decided I need space for things - Cuz I like to cook and can and bake... Stuff like that!

At the far right you see a fold out bed (with a box on top) that will be the TV stand. Middle is where they are building the dual computer desk for both of my younger boys to fight, I mean play.

Then you have a floor to ceiling cabinet with drawers and space for all my cookware and spices. No, I am not a chick. but I grew up with a batch of sisters and learned to love to make what I like.

I still need to buy gaming chairs? And figure out what kind of lunch bar or table to put between the rooms.

Okay don't be too critical, I put this together and it's not my specialty :)

Thanks for stopping in. And a special thanks to @brains who has the @brains to make a time laps for me. Yes. Time actually lapsed and I wondered how all this stuff got built.

As a kicker to this post ...

just happened
I was busy moving and getting furniture and stuff - so Hushmail shuts off my email and wants dollars to turn it back on (so I can even see what accounts of mine might be associated with it. I know there's Poloniex <--- so that doesn't matter... what else? There are three banks that I have no use for any longer... Expect a "Hushmail" post about their abrupt policies.

I was testing three encrypted email services. Now I am down to TWO after losing Hushmail. I had quit all Google when I quit my job.


Thank you for posting @sponge-bob.

Always appreciate hearing someone's rethink when it comes to rendering a place to be both liveable and practical. Prinicple...Form follows function.

Have you looked into is a winner.

Wishing you all the best. Cheers.

Sweet video. Love the random waves at the camera, haha.

hehe that was really cool to watch :D

Time lapse videos are simply amazing i wish if works could be done like that in the video lol :)

Hello, my friend)))) I'm glad to see you))) I'm glad that everything turns out for you))) I hope your moving was easy))) We have been living in another city for two months after the move))) Already adapted a little))) I'll wait impatiently for your publications)))))

Hello sponge-bob! Where's patrick??? Keep it up

I think the name is available - that could be my next account.

They worked very fast. The place looks cozy. I would like to own a place like this.

I would like to own a place like this too :(

I rent. No other way to do it for now.

Nice work

Wow, I did not see a how to manual once. Workers who know what they are doing are awesome.

Good one. I always make stupid characters to play on line, talk on line. If goog wants to collect data, they can collect it from my 350 accounts. Maybe I will make Patrick next.

godlevel workers LOL.

Hahaha , this is superb 🙌
2mins fast video well understood.
S/o to the editor who made 2hrs video look like ABC(EASY and FAST)

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