Venezuela & New Zealand Show Value of 2nd Amendment

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I won’t belabor the media suppression topic; but, clearly it’s a matter of time before alt-media and YT forums will get eased to the abysmal depths of the viewing algorithm.

On logging in today, Venezuela didn’t make front page Gargoyle news. On clicking the ‘world’ tab, the articles were primarily grayed out, difficult to access.

All said, today I did find an excellent article which answered the burdensome question of why some Venezuelans look extremely well-fed, and others are seen scavenging for food. Albeit, I had to scroll through 18 headlines to find this article; but, it highlighted that the middle-class standing with Guaido or Maduro are seen at the designated protests.

The middle-class represents a smaller segment of the population, as the majority have to stand in long lines for food. The majority are extremely poor.

In this article, I learned that the collectivos are armed Maduro ground-workers, who ride around on motorcycles to break up/prevent civil unrest in neighborhood streets. This keeps people from protesting; as, the collectivos make known they know where the protesters live.

As I read the article, I realized how that fish wouldn’t fly in the U.S.

One never realizes the value of fighting to keep the guns, until observations such as this ring clear.

If ‘collectivos’ were ever unleashed in the U.S. it would be an all-out civil war; and the person feeding this organized group would be swiftly impeached.

As I end, I’m reminded of the value of the Second Amendment. Venezuelans acknowledge that they regretfully gave up their right to own guns. And, the recent blackouts makes it so clear why people are so adamant about the right to protect themselves and their family from vigilante attacks, via the bearing of arms.

Here are two links offering very interesting insight on what’s really going on in Venezuela.

Maduro Collectivos Keep ‘Order’ in Local Communities

Venezuela Facts Not Heard on MSM


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