Dream: ‘White Ball?’ Causes Huge Devastation to Major U.S. City

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I had a dream. Some might say it’s just anxieties from real life filtering over into my sleeping hours. Perhaps, and hopefully so, as I’ve experienced vision-type dreams play out in real life enough times to not flippantly ignore.

Thankfully, none have involved things as drastic as this one; as dreams can be a warning/premonition in nature. The Bible cites several instances where God used dreams to warn the people of impending dangers, or paths they should take.

Some dreams are like visions, in that while I ‘know’ I’m asleep; it seems like being in the ‘moment’. This most recent dream occurred Sunday, 03/10/19.

I was living in Atlanta (no plans to move there); saying how much I love that it’s smaller than most big cities.

Fast forward a few minutes and I’m outside a mall. I’m looking up, taking note of the beautiful blue and cloudless sky.

To my right, a white ball, about the size of a child’s soccer ball, with a white tail trailing behind it, about 3-feet in length, flies by at slow to moderate speed in total silence.

On pondering this dream, I realize that it was traveling in the same direction as the UFO (missile) in the 2016 dream; except, this was in the early part of the day instead of nighttime.

My first thought was that it was a meteorite or falling star…smh…rme...

I realized that it would eventually ‘land’, so I walked towards the opposite side/entrance of the mall; and, before I could get to the door, I saw a huge explosion/flash across the street.

Concrete pillars flew through the air like matchsticks. People were tossed as the ground upended underneath them…just total disaster…almost like a movie trailer...(I don’t watch such dramas)…I turned to flee.

I remembered that during the dream I remained calm; even though, I was in the midst of total calamity. It felt like there was a transparent bubble encasing me. I could see destruction continuing to happen, without a clue if I would escape unharmed. But, what stands out is that I wasn’t afraid. I just kept moving towards 'safety' before the dream ended...

That’s it. I saw what I saw.

Will catastrophe hit Atlanta?

Dunno. Just know what I know, per the dream.

Stay prayed up everybody. Stay aware. No worries.

I accept dreams as more of a foreshadowing than a reason to walk around afraid. Remember God says, “Fear not…” (Isaiah 4:10).

Worth noting, today, on looking at the morning sky, it was a beautiful bright blue and cloudless sky, just as in the dream. Oddly, a small, white, smoke-like cloud (similar in size to the ‘ball’ in the dream) floated (about same speed), disappearing behind a swath of trees, appearing to dissipate like a puff of smoke.

Am I exaggerating…being over-dramatic; or, was this a confirming sign in semblance to the dream?

Dunno…That’s for God to determine. Only time can tell.


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