Millions in Coke/Meth Shipped With Storebound Berries

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If you think the strawberries are to blame for your severe allergic reaction, THINK AGAIN!

Your outbreak may have nothing to do with the innocent little fruit you’re eating, or the always blamed, overuse of pesticides.

While Monsanto is far from innocent, you may be surprised to learn that your reaction could be to illegal drugs, packaged within the food products, destined for U.S. grocery stores.

I’m not talking the common joint of funny grass here; I’m talking hard, destroy- your-life kinda’ stuff.

Stuff the common man, or any other hu-man should never bother with.

In recent weeks, I’ve learned that it is not uncommon for drugs to enter into the U.S. this way. Smh…who woulda’ thunk it…Not in a million years!

Okay, you pros out there….so this is not news to you; but, I’ve heard of a lot of things; but drug smuggling in food imports…rme…Okay…I guess it would make sense…something so harmless surely wouldn’t be suspect.

Of course, some of this powdery stuff could find its way onto the food source; which, as mentioned, might explain why one strawberry turns into an insatiable craving for pounds more…I would lol…but, too tragic!

Stories of drug stashes found in fruit have made the news in recent days…one containing $13M of meth in strawberries and another containing $18M of cocaine in bananas, headed for a Texas PRISON???

Moral of the story: Grow your own food in as much as is possible; and/or buy from a reputable farmer. I would say wash your fruit even more before eating it; but, rme…really?...Obviously, thin-skinned fruit would leech inwardly any harmful contaminants…smh…

Btw, the most recent $77M coke bust was found at a New Jersey port…having nothing to do with a wall. This raises the question:

Do we really need to spend the billions on a wall?

People report hearing unidentified BOOMS in the dark of night. With all the news of underground drug tunnels, it’s obvious that there are other means for getting this substance into U.S. borders.

Here are the links:

$18M Cocaine in Bananas Headed for TX Prison

$77M Cocaine Found NJ Shipping Container

$13M Meth Found in Strawberries Bound for US

Btw, regarding that question about the wall: I suppose; but, it has very little to do with drug smuggling as most of these huge transports are coming through the checkpoints. What if for every catch there’s one that gets through?

One last thing, is the U.S. really in that bad of a drug-induced stupor?

Smh…as simultaneously disturbing and sad…

Prayers everybody.


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