Venezuelan Blackouts Reminder of EMP Striking US

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Driving a few miles away from the bright city lights reminds one how beautiful a clear, starry night can be. It’s like an open-air planetarium on steroids.

On the other hand, a few miles outside the city can be quite daunting when clouds create utter darkness; unable to see your hand in front of your face.

All to say, recent reports tell of Venezuela experiencing several days of a nationwide blackout, affecting tens of millions of people.

Maduro says their electric grid was sabotaged by the US; an alleged coup-attempt to get Guaido in as president.

Guaido supporters lay blame on Maduro; citing lack of structural maintenance, and government corruption.

No one knows for sure if it was sabotage, poor maintenance, or both; except of course, those in position to know.

What I do know is that with the power off, food spoilage is just one of many health threats and inconveniences. With the power off, there’s no way to recharge tech batteries. There’s no way to purify water.

Alt-media reported that 50 hours into the blackout people were trying to get the word out that the country was experiencing water, electric, and gas outages.

In the gravity of it all, I pondered what a blackout would be like if an EMP knocked the entire U.S. off the grid. I mean, nothing brings it closer to home than seeing another nation experience the event firsthand, even if it’s only temporary.

I was reminded of a dream I had where America was hit with a missile on the upper west coast that soared across the country, landing on the upper east coast. This reminded me of the failed Hanoi Summit leaving Kim choosing to restart his missile project.

But to stay in focus, let’s consider what a 72-hour total blackout would mean for the U.S.

All planes would be grounded.

Trains and subways would cease nationwide, not just a single town.

No streetlights. No electricity. No AC if in summer…No electric thermostat for heat if in winter….

Hospital services would go into emergency-only mode. Understandably, some would perish.

Limited generator use would exist for those with generators; but without fuel, after a while, these would be of zero use.

Do you have a butane stove for heating food/water?

How about having enough water for multiple uses?

Do you have a stash of canned goods?

Let’s not forget about having a backup of toilet supplies.

If you’ve ever experienced a power outage, you know how much it helps to have the necessary supplies.

Unfortunately, a nationwide blackout in the U.S. would mean no escaping to the next town for hotel amenities, and limited gasoline for driving here and there for any help that might be available.

As I end this post, Venezuela remains in blackout mode; and, Kim Jung Un is testing missiles, after admitting to the world that the U.S. talks were a fail.

As an aside, these real-time Venezuela blackouts have come full circle as FEMA used it as a reminder for people to update their emergency supplies. I found that a bit ‘interesting’.

Are they alerting us for something?

Moving on…

But first, one last thought on the must have list:

Do you have an emergency-cash fund?

Without electricity, ATMs will shut down. Grocery stores will go into cash-only mode, as many other business transactions.

These thoughts are disturbing; but, far more disturbing is the actual on-the-ground chaos turning into violence in the streets of Venezuela.

As I end this post, the blackout continues…At update, outages have lasted 97 hours; but worse than the outages, are reports of people in short supply of food and water.

Prayers everybody.


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