The Death of Activism

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                                        The Death of Activism


For as long as there has been government oppression in the world, there has been brave men and women that have dared to challenge the status-quo and fight for the rights of themselves, their children and their peers. These heroes- of both historic and modern times, have been bold enough to speak out against tyranny and corruption, knowing that their dissidence could potentially endanger their physical, financial or spiritual well-being. 

Many of these champions for social and economical justice, have been subjected to ridicule, humiliation, incarceration, threats and even murder. Taking a moment to break free from the hypnotising distractions of the modern world, and instead turning our attention to the history that has lead us to this point, we are able to see the sacrifices that they made for us. They suffered so that we might have the opportunity to forge our own paths in life, free of the once-invisible hand of government. They gave their lives, so that we might one day be able to walk down the street with our heads held high, rather than continuing to live on our knees.

To analyse our current state of affairs in the world is to realise the uncomfortable truth, that their sacrifices were in vain. Nothing has changed. Our lives are still ushered down an ever-narrowing number of predetermined, corporate-approved paths. 

In retrospect, we can see that the personal freedoms of individuals have been consistently on the decline for the past century, whilst governmental aggression against both foreign and domestic entities have been continuing to rise. What's even more worrying, is that the abolishment of rights and the expansion of government that we are seeing, are not in a homogenous rate of increase. We are in fact on a very steep curve, which if depicted on a graph, would be nearing the point where the curvature of the line reaches a vertical trajectory. 

For the overwhelming majority of countries in this world, the number of civil liberties lost to their citizens in the past 15 years, greatly exceeds that of the number which had been lost to them in the 50 years prior to the turn of the century. This unprecedented level of escalation could and should be interpreted as a warning that the globalist agenda is nearing fulfilment. 

 It's not all bad, however. The ever-more-brazen acts of government, coupled with the expediential growth of the alternative media, has lead to a mass awakening on an epic scale. The rate of metamorphosis within the populous is on the up, with new conformist-turned-activists appearing daily. My knowledge of the English language undermines my ability to articulate the enormity of the inspiration that I'm able to draw from this. 

 In today's world, surveillance has gotten so out of hand that even seemingly benevolent games such as Pokémon Go are being used to spy on the people. The omnipotence of the state has reached a level where the governors are no longer constrained by the laws which they impose on the governed. Where they have bestowed upon themselves, the power to indefinitely detain and murder citizens that they deem to be a terrorist- which includes anyone and everyone that opposes their right of governance.  In times such as these, activism requires new heights of bravery and fortitude, for the life of activism comes hand-in-hand with a life of paranoia. The fear that you, or more importantly- those that you love, will be targeted because of the progressive actions you are making in your community, is never far from thought.

One of the major problems we face in our fight against oppression, is that newly inspired activists wanting to make a positive impact on their communities, have far too many avenues of protest.


Do they choose to speak out against forced taxation and austerity, which is driving millions of families into poverty? 

Should they protest the intentional suppression of their children's intellects by the so-called "education program," designed to indoctrinate the youth into a life of debt slavery?

Perhaps they should make some noise about Codex Alimentarius- the sinister agenda to remove all beneficial nutrients from the food supply, perpetuating illness and increasing the profitability of the pharmaceutical industry?

Or perhaps it would be best to campaign against the never-ending series of unjust wars being waged on behalf of the bankers in the people's names?

Should they demonstrate their dissatisfaction pertaining to the 56 billion animals that are slaughtered every year for food (not including fish, as their numbers are so great that they can only be measured in tonnes), or the 100 million that die annually in the name of science?

Maybe it is more important to speak out against pay-to -play politics and government corruption, which has further empowered corporations and lead to extreme regulations making it impossible for small businesses to thrive, eliminating competition? 

 They could also choose to campaign against police brutality, shady trade deals that bolster corporate influence over the world- like the TTIP, GMO's, deforestation, water contamination, the prohibition of marijuana amd industrial hemp, corporate and governmental paedophilia, religious and spiritual oppression etc. I could keep going for hours with this but, I believe the point is made. 

Rather than having a thousand groups of a thousand people out marching for a thousand different things, we need that million to unite under a common goal. It is no longer enough to merely protest for one change that you want, while at the same time the government are enacting another three things worth protesting about. Everyone has to stand together and rather than focusing on one issue out of the hundreds of thousands of issues we are faced with, we need to simply say that enough is enough.

Of course, activism is not restricted to protesting and sending letters to your MPs or Senators. In my opinion, and I'm sure most of you would agree, some the most influential acts of rebellion, have come from inventors. The Guttenberg press is an excellent example. Before this invention, the aristocracy and religious bodies had a complete monopoly on knowledge and "information," and literacy was almost nonexistent within the masses. The Guttenberg press provided the means for information exchange between the lower class and greatly improved the levels of literacy among the public. The changes this invention made on the society of its time, were similar to that of the revolutionary effects that the conception of the internet had on the sharing of information in ours.

Then there is the ingenious bitcoin. A deliberate and successful attempt to undermine the economic and regulatory influence of our banking overlords. I believe we have a lot more to see from bitcoin too..

Let's not forget about Steemit either. Whichever way you look at it, Steemit in itself is an act of rebellion against the powers that be. The community chooses what is to be censored and what is not, as opposed to some hidden corporate or political interest. There is 100% transparency, something we have all wanted from our governments for far too long. More than that, it gives people the opportunity to make their bread and butter by doing what they want to do, rather than breaking their back to make someone else rich off of their hard word.

It may have ended up as a little bit of an oligarchy in terms of the tiny number of accounts that possess the great wealth of STEEM and STEEM power, however, I genuinely don't believe that was ever what was intended. Organizations like Curie and the Guild speak to the willingness to diversify the influence over the community.

If there is to a be single act of dissidence that will save us from the corporate prison we are heading for, it will be one that comes in the form of an invention. Though, short of an indestructible, automated drone that seeks out government corruption and instantly assassinates the perpetrators involved, I can't foresee a single invention that can protect us from what is coming. Of course, I'm not an inventor, so my imagination is perhaps limited in regards to the possibilities. 

One thing is for sure though, we can no longer wait around for some innovative technology or messiah to come and save us. We landed ourselves here through widespread apathy and foolish tolerance. We participated, willingly or unwillingly in the creation of this system, and it falls to us to bring the monster we have created to heel.

In closing, we need a new approach. The way I see it, our world has blood cancer. Our platelet count is low and every little scratch we get just continues to bleed, making our chances of survival continue to decline. The current state of activism in the world amounts to nothing more than applying band aids to the cuts, but what we really need, is a purge of all the toxins in our system followed by a blood transfusion. Activism is dead. It no longer does anything to slow the progress of our enemies agendas. This doesn't mean give up. Politicians have been speaking of their plans for a new world order for at least two decades now, and they love to flaunt the image of the phoenix in our faces, symbolic of their intent to burn our current system to the ground and have their new one world government rise from its ashes. But, lets find some common ground here. We also want to see an end to this system. We also want a new order in the world, so why not use their own words and their own symbology against them. Let the phoenix represent the collapse of this corrupt system and the rise of a new world order, where we the people, not some parasitic bureaucrats, decide our future.


I can't tell you for certain what is going to work, but we need only look behind us to see what doesn't. Many of the current activists speak of peaceful non-participation as the way forward. While I do feel that that would work if we could get at least half of the world's population on board, I don't see how that would be achievable. What would serve us better is if all activists stopped seeking separate goals, and realised that every problem we are faced with today, all stem from the same insidious, globalist agenda. It's time we brought an end to the ubiquitous iniquitousness that has consumed our home here on Earth. No longer should we specify the one change that we want made today. Instead, we should demand a change to the entire system. A complete reformation of every piece of legislation in existence, producing new laws that return the power to the people and prevent abusers from usurping the power in future. If this is not achievable, then we need to disband government in its entirety, because it has fucked us over for far too long. 

That is how we ensure that all those that gave their lives for us and for our freedom, did not do so in vain.

All images are royalty free, sourced from pixabay, with adjustments made by me.

Thanks for reading-

I have been feeling inspired to write a short story, set 30 or 40 years in the future, in a world under the governance of the United Nation. It will be somewhat inspired by the classic "1984," in the sense that its intended to show people where we could be heading if we don't make immediate changes to our current trajectory. If you would be interested in reading that, then give me a follow and look out for the first part over the next day or two.

Have a good night, Steemians~

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you know...there's a much simpler action to take. we could very easily just drop everything and...just chill for a while? hang out? is that what you mean by peaceful non-participation? cuz i mean really, what's the next move for them? jail everyone for not blanking their blanks in april??

btw, i don't think you'd need 50%. check out this ratio of grunts to civvies: 57.59 per 1,000 people. that's North Korea, and that's the highest in the world. plus i've heard (but not verified) that the american revolution happened with something like 3% of the civilian population?? even in north korea, they'd be outnumbered 3:1. but even before all that goes down, think about how many soldiers you know would open up on citizens.

well...ok maybe in some countries (e.g. China, where the soldiers mostly originating from rural areas had no idea what was going on in the cities, and were lied to by their superior officers, they did open fire on unarmed crowds...), but i think there'd be more resistance here.

ok, i've gone way off where i wanted. which is to say, if it could be done ghandi style, i'd be all for it. or maybe amish style and shun the bad guys? technically, anything along those lines would work because they all depend on us SO MUCH. that's the SHITTIEST part of this whole clusterfuck. alrite i'm gonna stop before i get too worked up.

nice post :)


Yes, that is what I meant by peaceful non-participation. It is a very difficult task to simply walk away from the entire system because it has been designed in such a way as to make us dependent on it. I'm familiar with the saying that it takes 3% of a population to have a successful revolution, but I wonder if that is referring to an actual uprising, because if 3% of the world's population decided simply not to buy anything or play a part in society, to me all that would do is cut the corporations profit margin, but not enough to cripple them.
This is why I said we would need closer to 50%, but we will never know unless we are able to try. How are we supposed to arrange a boycott on such a massive scale though? Especially when many people have families they rely on the system to support.
I would love to do it a peaceful way too, we have abused and killed one another enough, but I see a very dark future ahead of us, and I'm prepared to do whatever necessary to ensure that that future does not come into fruition.
I do feel helpless a lot of the time though, we need to unite because one person alone, even a thousand people alone, don't have much of a chance against what we are facing. That's the message I was attempting to portray in this post.


Yea, I mean, I feel like it's TECHNICALLY possible, but almost impossible to actually orchestrate. The way I see it, it's just regular Joes doing everything. WE'RE the ones farming, WE'RE the ones processing, WE'RE the ones driving the goods to the stores, where WE stack them up on shelves for everyone else to buy. It's just Joes the whole way down the chain. I think if it were possible to get the right people, you wouldn't even need 2% to force a surrender. crossing my fingers for instant worldwide telepathy


a simply fantastic article.


Thank you.

It often does seem like they're winning and that we're fighting a losing battle... on the other hand I've never seen so many people waking up before in my life


Yes, we are definitely losing. You're right about the mass awakening though, I mentioned that in the article too. We just have to find a way to bring everyone that is awake together.

Government is Insane. It is not reasonable.
Exhibit 'A'...all of history.

Interesting post and some very valid observations. There is a documentary film out called 'We Are Many' about the global movement Stop The War when vast amount of humanity took the streets to tell Bush and Blair (war criminals buy any definition) NO to the war in the Middle East the ramifications we still live with today. Its really worth a watch. That movement is still strong and here in the UK all of the different protest groups regulalry march together under a 'Peoples Assembly' banner. We must continue to disrupt and protest. Peace


I think I may have seen that a few years ago, the name sounds awfully familiar. I will check it out though to see if I'm wrong. I too am from the UK but, other than the million mask march, I don't typically see a unification of protestors under one umbrella. Perhaps that's because I live in Scotland?
I still think the amount of people that are awake to the amount who are doing something about is far from equal and we need to do something to change that literally right now. Have you heard about this CETA trade deal that the EU council decided to sign last night??

· bit late for this action but yes also just as bad a TTIP. I'm not the sure tif the Peoples Assembly have any groups in Scotland. I guess the issues over here is the political elite have done a brilliant job of 'divide and rule'. Scotland and the Brexit vote being the most topical! But yes I agree we need to try to make changes now.