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Don´t be eye candy, be soul food.

It´s time for another episode of cooking with Soldier. I am still trying to figure out how to create this series. Do you enjoy more videos or blogs where I explain every single step? 

Anyway, I have never thought about eating healthy or taking a look at the ingredients, fats, sugar and all that stuff. If I wanted a burger or a pizza, I simply went for it. That was only possible because of my good metabolism and the super high amount of sports that I did when I was younger. Now since I am building and forming the body that I dream of, I need to watch what I put into my body. I try to avoid meat as much as possible which is actually easier than I thought. I exchanged whole milk to almond, soy or rice milk which was definitely a great decision because I can feel how my skin is getting better and my stomach doesn´t make any noises any more. 

I am still totally new to healthy eating and I would love to go on this journey with you together. 

Healthy eating does not only mean that you need to be a vegetarian or living a vegan lifestyle. The most important thing for me is to cook with fresh ingredients. I need to know what´s inside the meal otherwise I feel very bad. 

Cooking with convenience foods is one of the biggest mistakes you can do. There are so many artificial additions inside which are obviously not good for your health. 

Today I decided to eat a little bit of meat which I usually do 1x in a week or two but I am disliking eating meat more and more because I know that it isn´t good for me. With all the medicine they put inside those animals I just feel bad to put this into my body when I know that some vegetables would give me so much more...

Let´s start with the homemade Spaghetti Carbonara á la Soldier

Ingredients -

  • Spaghetti of your choice
  • 3 small cloves of fresh garlic
  • Parmesan of your choice
  • half of an onion 
  • a hand full of parsley
  • 60g of diced ham
  • 3 egg yolk
  • 1 cup of cream
  • pepper
  • salt
  • Olive Oil

When you have all the ingredients cut perfectly, the next steps are going to be so easy. I like this dish because it tastes amazing and it is so simple and fast to cook. Please do not use any soups out of a bag because using fresh ingredients is much healthier and will take only up to 10 minutes more. Invest this time, this is your body

First step is - you put half of the spaghetti package into boiling water and leave it there for around 6-8 minutes. A great tip that my mom told me - Leave the wooden spoon on top of the pot as shown on the picture to prevent the water from over boiling. 

Now the steps are getting even easier. You now heat up the olive oil where you want to roast the onions and the diced ham. To follow the correct order is very important to achieve the delicious creamy sauce that you want for your Italian dish.

First you roast the onions and put the ham a few moments later into the pan. When the onions start getting a gold/brownish color, you can then add the garlic cloves. The smell is so amazing and I wish I would be able to send smells through a computer. 😏

Now since the ingredients are roasted gently, you can add the cream. Start slowly by putting just half of the amount into the pan and slowly add more while you put the rest of the ingredients inside. The pan is starting on high heat but you slow it down to medium heat before you add the cream. To boil the cream you quickly put the heat up again, just for a few seconds until bubbles are showing. The egg yolk is a very important part of this dish. In order to make it creamy and even tastier, you now add the yolk and make sure to leave the heat on medium and start to stir everything until it becomes a thick consistency. For a better flavor, I recommend adding some parmesan and parsley. Add seasoning as you wish and you are almost ready to eat! 

The last main step is to finish boiling the noodles and add them into the sauce!

Now you can add some more cheese or seasoning just as you wish and et voila, here is the delicious homemade Spaghetti Carbonara. That was quick right?

Do you often cook?

Thanks for reading

Stay focused

Love, Soldier

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mmm tasty!


Just the beginning 😋

This one has come out truly interesting, delicious n yummy. Just loved your step by step detailing process and those videos are so amazing n inspiring. Great share.


Thank you, my dear! Glad you like it

An excellent dish and I'm sure it's very tasty!


Oh yes, it was so delicious! Homemade food is just the best

Wow !! Well I am a vegetarian and I just love to keep my body fit but I just can't hang on to healthy food. I do play tennis for 2 hours daily which keeps me alright but I need to improve my eating habbits. I am sure will keep watching your posts for some healthy vegetarian dishes.
Thanks for sharing


I decided to live a more healthier lifestyle and I definitely tend to become a vegeterian so the next posts will definitely be without meat, maybe even vegan!

Sports keeps us alright but we need to give our body the right fuel to work properly and hopefully even for a long time!


If you don't want to use ham you can use a few different vegetables. Mushrooms, aubergine etc.

They will still taste nice and the end result will be a less salty dish.

Good luck.

nice recipe. I might try making this


You should! It‘s so easy to make and so delicious. You can also add a garlic bread to the side or leave it like this. Good luck 😊

That's pretty delicious looking @soldier. I will try to make these recipe to sharing my girl. Need to find ingredients. Thanks.


Tag me if you want to post this! I would love to see the results although I wont be able to taste it 😃

Master blaster cooking tutorial.....
I like unique fashion of the cookery.


More coming soon

I can tell you're a sauce boss ;)


Trying my best 🙈

Hehe.. looks lovely and I approve it being a pasta dish as I am biased that way :) Still very nice of you sharing your recipe with us and have to say I would eat that no problem.

The presentation of ingredients is good but directions need to be broken up a bit more, if you are wanting to make it as clear as you'd expect a recipe to be.
Otherwise great first attempt and like I say I would eat it for sure.

Maybe one day I can cook for you? For sure I am no @Allasyummyfood, but I am not afraid of cooking nor of making it nice enough that people want me to cook for them again.

Please feel free to share your wisdom and tell us what your likes and dislikes are.

Thank you.


Thank you for this great feedback. It was my second try to write a recipe on Steemit and I love improvements.
Sure Allas is an amazing chef and maybe we will eat together at Steemfest 3 :)

wow! pasta!!! everyone loves pasta!

nice post! voted!

check out my post -


Thank you! Upvoted and commented :)

Wow you are a professional in cooking too that's looking delicious chef :D


I am really not a professional cook but my brother is and I should definitely learn from him since I looove good food. Well, who doesn´t :D

Oh this is amazing! Step by step how its done, definitely trying this 😊


Enjoy your meal ;)

wow!!!!!!!!!this food looks too delicious and mouthwatering........... have i a meal with you to this food!!!!!!!!!!!


Thank you :)

The step-by-step .gif's are nice. Makes it easy to follow.


Happy to hear that!

Looks awesome! I love carbonara


Me too! I am sure you are good at this since you are Italian :)

I am a foodie and this looks so good. And the more I looked at all the visuals I thought I could smell the savoring aroma. Now I am hungry.

Pasta dishes have a place in my heart. I am a vegetarian and I love eating healthy. I have been cooking and eating healthy for about 35 years.

I am a herb, and seasoning/spice fanatic. And I love all kinds of Onions. Since you mentioned you are eating less meat if you can find it where you are do try Tofurky. I think you will like it a lot and also try if you can find it Pink Himalayan Salt. You only need a little. It elevates the taste of all your ingredients and gives your food a richer taste. You only need to use a little. I think the Sodium content maybe less than regular salt as well.

It does not matter whether you do pictures or vids just please keep bringing us this series, it's a warm and welcoming way to bring us all together, I know I am three days late, Its Sunday I am taking a breather and came back to your page. Have a great weekend @soldier.

I'm gonna battle you and beat your pasta. This made me so hungry!! 😭