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The @Appics ICO is over and we receive tons of questions everyday. Wether you are an investor or not, you might asked some of these questions yourself so I am going to clarify the confusion that some of you might have. 

I haven´t posted a lot about this project but I am super exited about it and can not wait until the official launch. I will first put a short explanation into the beginning of the post for everyone who is new to my blog. I am always very happy to see new faces in my comments and realizing how many people actually read my posts freaks me out every time I think about it. Of course in a positive way...


APPICS is a next generation, reward-based social media application that runs on a blockchain, allowing people from all over the world to participate, benefit and earn money. APPICS introduces a brand new atmosphere that blends lifestyle with generated profits together. The idea of transforming "Likes" has confirmed its feasibility and capability, as seen on Steemit.Com's upvoting system. With the help and collaboration of Steemit Inc., APPICS is one of the first meta-tokens to be released on the Steem Blockchain, which aims to remove all restrictions on the common social media person in order to enter the crypto world

People who haven´t read the Whitepaper were a bit confused what the difference between Steemit and Appics will be. Are there any similarities? What makes Appics special? Is there any competition?

1. Appics is and will not compete with Steemit, rather expand the Steemit Blockchain. We are a SMT on the Steemit Blockchain, so our focus is Mobile and Visual content, while Steemit is a decentralized Blogging site. 

2. Appics will be a Smart Media Token launching on the Steem Blockchain. 

These are the main differences between APPICS and Steemit

- APPICS will be a mobile application, while Steemit is browser based. The app will be focused on simplicity and user experience. 

- APPICS is focused on visual content like photos and videos, while steemit is focused on text (blogposts)

- APPICS is going to have a 15-catergory system which is ranging from fashion to sports, technology and much more.  

- For every category, there will be a team of directors. Those directors are social media influencers and experts in their field. These influencers will have a large voting power and will be able to reward excellent content in their category. 

On steemit, the ones with the large vorting weight are the whales - these are investors / private users who just vote at random. 

- APPICS will have an integrated shop system for verified users. That means they can sell their products (merchandising, clothing line etc.) and get immediately paid with XAP. Users are able to send their earned tokens directly to the shop and will receive their products without a long way of exchanges. 

In conclusion, Appics is an independent project, uses the benefits of the Steem blockchain, but at the same time provides a new ecosystems and user experience.

There is another crypto photo app on the market which is called Steepshot. Appics is actually very different from this platform! 

While Steepshot uses Steemit's rewards pool, @APPICS has its own cryptocurrency and ecosystem. On Steemit, the reward potential of so-called "whales" is not fully utilized. Steemit is a blogging platform, so that a 3000-word article is always rewarded more than a post with a single photo. Steepshot's entire reward process relies on the Steemit reward pool, which will not be the case for Appics.

APPICS maximizes the reward for users with our influencer-based judging system. These experts in their field can fairly reward high quality content, and APPICS also focuses entirely on visual content. Additionally, APPICS will have other features like the integrated shops, in-app wallets and more...

If you are interested in being a part of this movement, feel free to join our Telegram channel - here

The test net of the app is already out but only for team members, pre-sale investors and investors of the ICO. If you want to join us, feel free to register here


The Appics team attended so many events. Just to name a few - meetings in Mauritius - registering in Switzerland - Fintech Dubai - TokenFest in San Francisco - Cryptocurrency Show and not to forget the Global Blockchain Expo in London. It has been an incredible start and I am so fascinated by everything the team has accomplished so far! With the knowledge of the crypto space and social media market we combine these two worlds together which has never happened before. 

If you have any more questions regarding the concept, please have a look at the  Appics Whitepaper

APPICS official video 

APPICS with Redman 

APPICS with BBoy world champion HONG10 from Korea

Thank you for reading 

Stay focused

Love, Soldier 


"Appics will be a Smart Media Token launching on the Steem Blockchain"

waiting for appics smart media token....but how many days wait for this ?

The SMT is currently being live developed on github.

Thank you mam for share link.

@soldier your summary about APPICC is very clear and understandable. APPIC will be an outstanding app that will make wave.

Thank you, we are all very excited!!!

I asked this question many times to many people, but no one answered me :(
I have participated in @appics ICO round #C , now i have some Xap tokens in my Appics account, how could i move them to #myetherwallet? Or will.they automaticallt move?
I need your kind reply here mam @soldier!

U need to go to appics' website. There u can fill out a kyc form and if i remember correctly u can add ur eth address.

I have added myetherwallet address, but nothing is showing in myetherwallet, can you see your tokens in myetherwallet?

Until SMT is out, you won't see any tokens in your wallet.

Thank you so much bro for information <3
Do you have a discord ID?

Have you joined our telegram channel already? There is a pinned message which says -

  • For now, you can view your XAP balance on It's normal that it doesn't show up on ERC20 wallets yet.
  • Once we have reviewed all KYC requests, checked all transactions, and confirmed all cases, the tokens will be distributed to your wallets. Our Team is taking this as a priority and is working on completing all tasks in the next few weeks.
  • Keep in mind that the tokens will show up as balance in your ERC20 wallet, but they will be locked. That's because they will later be swapped to XAP tokens, once the SmartMediaToken protocol has finished development.

The SMT is currently being live developed on github.


Thanks for giving info about appics. I had no knowledge about it. Nice photos.
All the best

Thank you a lot

Waaw .. Appics is a great app, I've signed up, but I'm still learning here ..
Maybe we can share about Appics

Yes sure!
Let me know if you have any more questions regarding the project. I am so happy to spread the word and be able to talk to you guys about this!

Thanks @soldier,
I will study it and I will be very happy if you want to help, because I like to learn new things ..

Thank you so much for sharing all this information! that's great! All the best! Waiting for more posts! :)

Thank you so much, let me know if you have any specific questions about Appics and I´ll make a post about it :)

It was long coming a fantastic platform which we fell in love with deserves an app, and finally we shall, get it, i feel like flying over the moon now, thank you for this 😱

Yaay, nice to read this. Appics is going to the moon already ;)

This is very excellent thanks for the valuable participation

Your welcome :)

Thank you so much for sharing this post @soldier i'am so glad be the part of this community.

I am so glad to hear this! I can not wait until the official launch

I have many confusions regarding "APPICS"... But after this post of your my doubts are clear. Thanks for the important explanation mam.☺

I am so happy to read this! I know some of you were wondering about some things so I am glad to hear that all is clear now :)

thanks for your sweet reply mam.☺

Very good to read, at the same time you have to compete with other Giant platforms. Will go through the white paper.
and good luck to you .

Yes you´re right. There are giants such as Instagram. But feel free to read the whitepaper to get our vision

That was extremely better post sharing. I really appreciate your writing here.

Appics Has Raised 4.2 Million USD - XAP Token Distribution Soon 😍

You are so right 👌🏼

Ah, so that is Appics. Now I understand what it is better!

If we use steem, do we have access to APPICS? It is simply an ICO released on steem right?

Appics is going to be an independent platform.
ICO was not released on steem. Tokens are based on ERC20 but will swap to XAP as soon as the SMT is ready.

Thanks for this post, which answered some questions I had about Appics.

I now know it is an app and not a website.

I knew it was going to have its own SMT but I didn't know that teams of experts in 15 categories would presumably have a lot of the XAP tokens so they could act as judges and add a lot to the payout of posts they like.

I like the idea of shops in the app where tokens can be used to buy things!

I think I have some XAP because I shared the Redman video on Twitter, and I look forward to other opportunities to earn some more XAP as a social media ambassador. I think this will be a cool and successful project! :)

Great to hear that! The bounty campaign is still running and I will do an extra post about this as well! Great to have you on board! Let me know if you have any more questions

That would be beautiful memory sharing again @soldier. Most interesting task of Appics moments. Better to see those again. Thanks.

Thanks! :)

Wow better description of appics and nice video sharing. Most stunning post @soldier.

Thank you for your support @dragonking. I really appreciate it

Interesting about the category judges. For those who didn't/couldn't contribute to the ICO, how can they become judges if they wanted to?

Judges will be influencers who have already a big community on other social media platforms. People who have a great knowledge in their field for example sports, make-up or fashion.

Ok, thanks for clearing that up.

This is ico to watch out for its as sexy as @soldier.

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Wow! Great post ma'am.
Appics is our future.
It is really very useful.
We have to work with advanced technology.
The best part is that it runs on top of a blockchain and enables people from around the globe to connect allowing all participants to benefit. 🤗💙
I really love your post.
Nice content.
Very well articulated.

Thanks @soldier for sharing this post.

Upvoted + resteemed your post.

Thank you @stardivine for your great support! I am very happy to read your comment, glad you enjoy APPICS !

Recently I saw posts about APPICS but I didn't paid any attention towards it. Really it will be a wonderful app and I like the reward system of this app through the team of judges. Eagerly waiting for its official launch for public. I have joined the telegram channel. Thanks for sharing.
Have a great day.

great to have you in the community now! This project is going to be very big and I love to see my Steemians there !

this is so great. you got the great point here

Thank you :)

This looks like solid project i missed it and i congratulate those who participated in ico.

Thanks lovely! ICO was successful and I can not wait for the official launch!

beautiful video and post
i like it

Nice interesting video
i love this
thanks for sharing

Thank you :)

Wow thank you for your beautiful theme and magnificence through the video

Great that you like it:)

thanks for revew and very good airtecal

Thanks, glad you like it

I love to hodl will change the crypto market

About APPICS with BBoy world champion HONG10 from Korea

JUst Wow backspin to headspin

I would advice everyone to hodl their XAP tokens... the future is going to be fire!!!

Many beautiful photography .& Great update ..

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Great post and good writing.i like your post and upvoted.

Thanks, appreciate it

Wonderful very interesting publication thank you for making us understand that this application is of interest, you are beautiful

Thank you so much my dear <3

Its Interessing i will check it out thank you for this honest review and a grea Q&A

Thanks, glad you like it :)

This is very excellent thanks for sharing these beautiful moments in life I loved this very much

Thank you :)

This is a duty

Wow appics is really interesting. And I will love to be a part of it. Thanks for making us understand what appics is all about. Thanks for sharing

Glad you like it! I have linked the telegram channel if you have any further questions :) Feel free to ask them there

Oh yes. I need it

#AskedQuestions is the Best way to know any question about Appics for new member or others.I support #Appics & XAP coin is the best coin.i this XAP coin are growth of this new social plateform,,Thanks for share your post


thanks alot for describing in deep now i understand well.

Thank you for the review and for this beautiful participation, really thank you so much

Your welcome :)

I really respect your work thank you

@soldier, Appreciated letter again what about Appics and what difference appica between steemit. Your explain much better to understand newbies. Nice you decided to share again.

Thank you @madushanka . Happy to hear that you understood everything. Let me know if you have any more questions!

Sure...If i have question about Appics issue I'll ask you. Thanks your attention here.

Your welcome :)

Appics is also an interesting platform.....and thanks for informing me because I don't know about it..

DQmavEYxhkcSJ1NZknoGKdQtmihXwBj15iufN3cH4aW3Fhm.gif@soldier your summary about APPICC is very clear and understandable. APPIC will be an outstanding app that will make wave.Thanks for giving info about appics. I had no knowledge about it. Nice photos.
All the best

wonderful photography. great video. nice article. thanks for @soldier

Messaged you on Telegram with some questions and ideas

This ico is so cool those who missed i am sorry for them,@soldier thanks a lot i got into this ico because of you.

I am really excited about this app. From whatever I have read so far, this sounds very cool. Is there any way I can join the team to help with curation or so?

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Very amazing project this is and its going to rock and rule all over :)

Wow amazing photography @soldier .Most interesting task of Appics moments. Better to see those again.thank you so much

Dear @soldier

I am now so excited about #Appics & XAP coin
Now Appics raised 4.2 Million USD
Go Ahead

This is best ico of 2018 hope you all have participated in this,exiting times a head.

wow... I just found out, I will register it

amazing vedio
I think you really enjoyed it.
have a great day and stay blessed.Thanks for giving info about appics. I had no knowledge about it. Nice photos.
All the best

That's wonderful amazing apps.Now I install my phone.
Thanks for share.I like this apps.
Just fabulous appics video.