Day 3 of the no beer diet :(

in life •  last year

It is now day 3 of my... (wife's) diet.

According to my wife, I can have all the salad I can stand.

Well OK then. Introducing Mega Salad!


I'm still struggling with the no beer commandment. It has crossed my mind that if I eat nothing, my days of having beer can come sooner. If only that would work...

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A good diet good health is a diet that does not contain lots of carbohydrates & protein in the diet. Eating should still be done as a source of energy for the body. If accompanied by regular eating and exercise, health will be maintained. Enjoy these wonderful days @socky. hopefully health is always there for you and us all.


Thank you. I did the low carb diet years ago and was extremely successful. These days, there is an abundance of availability for high carb foods that are not just high carb, but highly processed. This makes the carbs we eat very easy to digest which makes them that much more of a problem. I agree with you that health should be a lifestyle with exercise and good eating. Thank you for the supportive words.


You'r welcome... 👍

Stay Strong! How Long do you have to hang on ? t-1 day and its weekend ;-)


Thanks @avizor. Strange though coming from someone that has an avatar of a burger and fries. Hahaha. And to boot your home page is named "I-Like-Good-Food" Hahaha.


Perhaps you will find later in my blog some healthy food, to support your diet wih some fresh ideas ;-) Im new to steem, so i didnt not really thought about my avatar Picture :-)

... i read you post cause, i am in the same Situation. +5kg in 2months... dont cared much about food and drinked to much beer. But i started again with sports now!


OK! will do.

This cool. I believe the mega salad will do you good.
I guess you are stick to the No beer commandment


Yes, @funkylove. I am sticking to the no beer commandment. Thank you for the great response and support.

@socky It has been very nice to see your cat as the main guest at your table. And the salad looks great, I guess you should have added olive oil and pepper to dress it. Best regards


It passed without olive oil and pepper. Thanks though.

I can relate @socky I recently did one month no alcohol or sugar. It is extremely difficult but I found my sleep improved, skin became clearer and obviously lost weight.

Keep going brother!


Interesting that your sleep improved.

I feel with you! I started my fat loss journey on 6 Jan and had to slow down on my red wine :-) Doing quite well, so I'm happy! Not on a diet per se, just started a healthy eating plan that I can maintain and keep the weight off. Good luck!


Glad you are doing quite well. It will be a while before I start seeing results.

Thank you so much for this post, I really hope people are reading it, nice one from you.

I love diets like this. more fiber and low carbohydrate!

You want an advacement on your steemit account, check this out

Hahaha, so funny, i very like your post,

Wie gut :-)

What's that green stuff under the meat? :)

Wow this is great one, happy living

Very Beautiful Your Cat 💜