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My little family and I sometimes go out and still play PokemonGo. We use to play it a lot in the beginning. We would go out almost every day to try and catch all the Pokemon we could get from our areas. We would always look up where to get the best ones and how to level up your our little monsters. We've learned a lot about our area and have also discovered new places to hang out and eat!

Pidgeys suck but they are a great way to level up. If you're curious about the different strategies, I recommend you head over to Reddit and search for PokemonGo. There you will find a treasure trove of useful information.
Recently, we haven't been out much. We have gotten a little bored with it. It's the same thing over and over again. I wish they would update the game so we can battle each other without having to go to the gym. Or at least battle Pokemon we find out in the wild. Bring back the days of GameBoy and when Pokemon the game was a challenge.

The area we hang out at is a Marina/park that is filled with parked boats, pathways to walk along the water, and a lot of people. This place wasn't as busy before PokemonGo. On a normal weekend folks hang out and enjoying the sun while cooking up a little food. Kids can run around and tire themselves out. And family get together and talk about things that are on their minds. There is also shipyard that caters to personal ships that are quite large.

Sometimes, when the water is low, it smells a little like rotten eggs. Occasionally, I see people swimming in the water and it disturbs me. We have a lot of Military and Commercial ships come into our bay. I am sure sometimes they don't follow protocols when releasing their waste. Plus all the run off from the city, that goes into the drains, and into the water can't be good to swim in.

One of the things I liked to do while looking for Pokemon is to watch people that are around me. I know that sounds creepy but hear me out.

People come from all different walks of life. Some show their struggles on their sleeves and some try and hide it. You can also get a sense of where they are at mentally. If you look close enough, you can tell if someone is having an awesome date with someone they recently met. Or, if they are struggling with something that is weighing heavily on their mind. You can also get a sense if they are just half a bubble short.

There wasn't any crazy people to watch that day. Watching crazy people has to be the highlight of people watching. Which is why I think older folks tend to sit on park benches and watch people as they go by. Crazy people tend to talk to themselves, move differently, and act differently. I personally don't know if they have been diagnosed as having a mental disability and so I never pass judgement or assume they are crazy. Yet, they carry on conversations with themselves as if they are walking and talking with someone else. It's fun to watch and I enjoy it.

Well, that's it for now. Thanks for reading my small little blog. If you like what you read then press that like button and share this on Twitter.

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Interesting thoughts. I'm an Ingress gamer myself, #ILoiteredbeforeitwascool, so I understand the cool experience of finding new places.

What you talked about reguarding listening and watching reminds me of "ghosting" a term I'll explain when I get my laptop back from (ripoff) repairs. Simply, it's just watching and listening when you're by yourself... It's not boring, but peaceful and kinda fun sometimes. Just you and your thoughts.

(A very popular thing for Introverted-minded people to do) (I'm on the edge of Intro-Extro myself.... Leaning extro generally.)

Great pictures btw! What kind of camera did you use?

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