A Day With My Mom

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I had spent several days with my mom. Actually I’d like to take a tour to somewhere else with my mom, I gave up that plan due to the fine dirts.

The fine dirts were serious in Seoul Korea especially in Spring season.
The City government had sent a message not to go out.

My mom is 86 years old grandma, so it must be dangerous to go out side in such a bad weather.

So I just had sat at home. We had talked for long time on our past when I was a kid.
I know my mom adore this kinds of conversation than anything else.

After lunch, I read a some book and my mom rested on the couch as watching a smartphone.
The pose in the couch was nice, so I took the photos with W/B and colors as below.




After the rest on the couch, my mom began to make something on the table.
She told me that she was making a cap for herself.

She designed and cut the cloth with scissors




The scissors always makes me melancholy. It made me think her life.
She had devoured her all life to raise us, me and my brother.

She had to do a clothing for others with few money.
I know she had spent all night for clothing to raise us.

It was hard time for us.

She has kept the scissors and the sewing machines until now.



She put a thread on a sewing machine. She did it with her own feeing. It was not easy for me to put a thread on a machine. It was too narrow for me to see.


Finally she succeeded in after several tries.

She started to sew. While watching her, I had remembered that her hand had been punctured by the machine.
She was so tired that she couldn't pay attention to the machine.
Sometimes she nodded while sewing.


I am remembering her cry
I proposed her buy good caps. But she always refuse my suggestion.

Here are her works done before for winter.



Her job had been almost done.


She was making a cap for Spring season for the tour with me.
I suggested her visit her birth place.

Let me show you her work in a few days.

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Parents are very important in our life. If mother is a shadow than father is a tree.

introvert-dime nice comments

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yes that's right

Wow! I like the light beige cap! Very feminine. I think I'll make one for myself.

Hands strong and delicate together ... as they can be those of women! Say hello to your mom!

Thank you

Touching and beautifully written, buddy. You've no idea how much I can relate to your heartfelt words.

People like your mom are the angels of this earth. In a world of selfishness and jealousy, so glad these treasures of humanity are out there to serve as true role models of today... :)

I also love my parents @slowwalker because of all the things that they are doing for me, I feel guilty but I cannot do anything because of my disabilities and pains that doesn't go away. The least that I can do us buy stuffs for them maybe or renovate this old house, if only crypto prices would cooperate though.

You don't have to feel guilty it is not your fault that you are disabled the fact that you can buy dem stuff is enough it will be a thing of joy to them. Let your abnormality be your success.


I wish your dream come true.
I think this tunnel soon to be ended

I can't be more amazed seeing your mom. Her age, her health, her talent and even her eyes! Playing with needle in that age is usually hard but she does it so well. Long live Oemoni!. Salute. ☺

Mother is very precious gift from god

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mother is important in our life dear friend💕

Seeing you spending time with your grandma just reminded me of my time. I was at home in the last week with my family as I had break from the University, so I spent whole time with my family. I visited home, my grandfather and granmother were also visiting us,so we spent really good time there.
I just

Yes, family is the source of our happiness

Its so good to see that your Mum is so active and keeps herself busy. At this age all they need is time from their children and glad that you are doing that. You value her sacrifices is very kind of you. Both of you are blessed to have each other.

Thank you so much for your words

Your mom is an amazing woman!

So important to spend time with parents!
Ans your mother is really talented to make smth in her age !!!

Cool hats. A great post.

Thank you

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You are very good son.
I should visit mom more and start to travel when it is still possible.

Thank you for your works.
Here's mine for mom.

From your work, I realize that son can be an angel to mom too, though God didn't seem to have intended it for all sons.


Just for info.
I found a typo. devoured --> devoted

I will say the best moment of your life

this made me miss my mother.
how lucky you are @slowwalker still can accompany your mother.
love always mother..

That's my wish

Your mother looks so healthy and vital for her age.

@slowwalker nim, ni uma nun moshita!

at 86 and still doing this and painting? damn cool!
you must be proud

your story got me teary eyed
she must have gotten punctured several times and yet .. she still goes on

as for the fine dirt
are we talking about yellow dust?
is it worst these days?

  ·  last year (edited)

Yes, it is very bad in Spring.
I'd like to escape from Seoul next week

fly to Jeju
but I guess the yellow dust gets there, too

better yet, you should check out Philippines @slowwalkernim
specially this time of the year - cheap flights
go to the beach
there we don't have yellow dust
but go to the country, like Palawan or Cebu
otherwise you'd suffer with diesel's smell and smog in the city
though the city is perfect for shopping :D

She's adorable :D

Thank you

Very interesting and impressive post, mother is most important person in our life, keep our parent, good bless you brother @slowwalker, thanks for your kind and support to me

Thank you so much

You are welcome brother @slowwalker, if you have a time please stop by to my blog, thanks for your kind and support

Great job done by you.im impressed..good initiative to exposer to all..it will helpfull to the new users too. thanks

Thank you for your comment

Being a mom it's an important role and hard one in the same time.
They always give us Love ,caring and motivating to be like them one day.
But we never understand them till we become a mom's.

@slowwalker you are so blessed to have your mom in her 86 years, i have lost my mom so early, she was 45+ , I'm missing her badly in my life.

Oh I am so sorry

Spending quality time with mom is always exciting. your way to entertain her is going to be a memorable moments that you have.

I hope so

at incredible, seams extraordinary she made a hat. and he sewing. She has kept the scissors and the sewing machines until now.
friend please help me.

Thank you

Yes friend

OH..I miss my mom.. god bless your family @slowwalker

What a beautiful thing to write.


  ·  last year (edited)

hermoso. Gracias por compartir. Me conmovió
lleva a donde ella quiera.Su lenguaje corporal me hizo ver como una niña.

Mom is the best gift of God in the world .
I love my mother very much .
She always sacrifice for us .
God bless our mother .
Thanks for your post sir @slowwalker

Yes, as some one said above. mom is the most important person in our lives

We never know the love of a parent till we become parents ourselves.
Henry Ward Beecher

Parents play the largest position in our development. Father & mom play important role in our mental, physical, social, financial and profession improvement. They help us in every step of our lifestyles. Dad and mom are the most valuable present of god for humans.

Suddenly I miss my mom :'(

A great and hardworking mother. That sewing machine reminds me of the same machine that I had in my house before. The time with my mother is happy, accompany her well, and wish her healthy and happy forever. i think you are lucky because you have a good , kind mother , but she is also proud of you because she has an excellent son . thanks for your sharing !

Thank you @bxt

Well hope your tour goes pretty well buddy ;)

She indeed did a nice job .The caps does looks pretty nice !

Thank you so much

I feel touched and proud to see you figure of a child who cares about the parents, I hope your mother is extended age and given health always, hope the tour is easy on the journey.

greetings to your mom from @nrs-ma from aceh

Thank you so much
I'd like to visit aceh

  ·  last year (edited)

There is nothing to say about the mother.Mother is a mother.There is nothing on the mother.I love my mom.I pray for all-time.I pray for your mother.God bless him.I love you, Mom.


Nice a mother's love is the greatest


wow she is so lucky to have you in her life and at the same time you are so lucky to have her with you.stay loved forever :) may triple gem bless her :)

Thank you

It is absolutely brilliant of you to spend time with your mom. They spent the better part of their lives toiling to see us succeed and grow. I find that no monetary or other worldlt gift can ever repay what they've done for us.

The best for us is to strive hard to succeed, it gives them joy, then spend time caring for them. That for me is the best besides all we can do to our parents. Nice of you to share your story @slowwalker

I agree with you😁

Oh my that is so beautiful @slowwalker!!!
My mom also used to be a seamstress when she was young before getting married.

But I remember her always making us clothes when we were kids!!!
Your mom looks a kind hearted person, give her my warm regards, if you please!!😊

Thank you so much

Nothing can be compared to a mother's love.It is unique and it is the best thing in the world!!!!!! I wish her all the very best and happiness,wealth and health in her life!!!!!! May god bless her!!!!!

😁Thank you for comment

Warm.....my heart..... my mum too do sewing for us.... look the scissors, the sewing machine, the cloth the needles.... bravo!


Nice pict...
I really love mother ...



Mom will always be mom!
Your post made think about my mother and my grandmothers, they all incredible women! It's incredible how things can be easier for us now than for them only some years later, neither centuries or thousands of years, just some years... And we're where we are thanks to them and all their efforts and strength.
And for me, it's even more amazing watching how after the years she's able to do her own cap, I'm pretty sure that she's proud of herself and happy!


exactly, she is so proud of herself for raising us

I am deeply touched by your life story, a very noble job ..
Very nice hat and very suitable for winter ...

Thank you silvia

Your story is so touching! And your mother is a very good and hardworking person. I understand her like a mother. In the end, moms always do everything for their children. Therefore, your respect and understanding of this is very pleasant.

Yes, you are right.

Hi. I can not debate the feeling of being next to a mother. They give life for one. I live with my mom. We were four and of the three that we are, only I take care of her. My sisters help economically. But that is not the same. All children should be aware of our mothers. Address it according to your needs, not ours.


i love my mother

  ·  last year (edited)

슬로우 워커님의
어머니에 대한 사랑과 감사한 마음이 고스란히 담겨져 있습니다

모든 어머니들이
자식을 위해 헌신하고
모든걸 바치는 그 모습은
우주에서 가장 큰 사랑이지 싶습니다

부디 건강하게 오래도록
슬로우워커님과 함께 하시길



mother is everything for us, and mom is always looking for ways to make her child happy, success for you friend @slowwalker

Yes, your are right

those hats are very hipster-esque.
wonderful candid shots.

Thank you

Spend more time with family is the most important thing. : )

That's right

I love spending time with my parents because they are so very wise and have so much knowledge to share with those that will listen. Your mom sounds incredible and you can tell how much you love her. Making clothing items at home seems to be a lost art and a skill that not many possess anymore. That cap is a great fit for her and looks good! Thanks for sharing!

Thank you

It's really cool to see such a sweet and personal story! It's great that you spent some quality time with your mother and I'm sure she'll enjoy seeing her birthplace.

Yes, I hope so

This is so interesting. I love it. Great job there.

Thank you

My mother is tailor also. The nice day.

I love you mom

nice headgear!

Hola @slowwalker
Felicidades. Tienes a tu madre y ella te tiene a tí. Disfrutarla es lo mejor. Preparáte para la primavera y la gira.

when i see sewing machine make me remember my mom & my old house.. when i was child.. my mom usually sew the clothes for me and my brother


Bello post dedicado a tu madre.
Nuestras madres son lo más precioso que tenemos en la vida. Ellas dieron toda su vida por criarnos a nosotros. Hasta antepusieron sus sueños personales por los nuestros.
¿Quién se sacrifica de esa manera?. Las madres!!!!!
Por eso, es bello amarlas, consentirlas, respetarlas, mimarlas, mientras estén vivas y no solo esperar un día específico para agradecerle todo lo que han hecho por nosotros.
Felicitaciones por tan hermosa madre que tienes!!!!!

Thank you for your comment.
Yes mother always sacrifices her life for children

Waaaooo such an cute and heart touching post dear @slowwalker

Your mom is really cute and she also make her own caps in this age is amazing,

You too enjoy and God Bless You dear😇😇 Always be Happy and Blessed.

Thank you so much

사진 느낌이 좋아 들어와 읽다보니 한국분이시군요 반갑습니다. ^^ 저는 부모님과 멀리 떨어져 지내고있는 중인데 이 글에서 엄마의 느낌이 많이 묻어나와 더욱 더 그리워지네요 잘 읽고 갑니다. 봄에 쓰고 나들이가실 모자도 궁금하군요 팔로 하고 가겠습니다 ^^


Saya melihat membaca dan menikmati, luar biasa bagus postingan anda, inovatif dan dan menambah pengetahuan. Terimakasih telah berbagi

Your mom is really good with her work!

Thank you

Beautiful post, mon is the angel that God give us... Regards.

좋은 글 잘 읽었습니다. 재봉틀과 저 가위. 예전 할머니집 놀러가면 많이 보던것들인데, 요즘에는 보기 많이 힘들어졌습니다.

네 그렇지요

Wow,great story.All people have their hard past,how your mother had brought up you both by hard work.But I appreciate your love and care about your mother.Wish you both good time and good health.

Thank you so much

Greetings @slowwalker, nim.

How very kind of you to bring Steemians to visit your mum.

Lovely nostalgic photographs.....quite smart...the black and white versions

A day in a life filled with active and passive activity keeping the mind busy as well as the hands........a lovely day well spent.

Very kind of you to invite us along......bleujay very much enjoyed the day at @slowwalker's mother's house.

Wishing you and yours and your mum all the best.


Thank you Bluejay

A mother is the truest friend we have, when trials heavy and sudden, fall upon us; when adversity takes the place of prosperity; when friends who rejoice with us in our sunshine desert us; when trouble thickens around us, still will she cling to us, and endeavor by her kind precepts and counsels to dissipate the clouds of darkness, and cause peace to return to our hearts.

@slowwalker I salute you and you must love your mother very much. :)
I follow you

Thank you so much

Yes, you are welcome

She looks strong and healthy!

Nice post

Oh myyyyy... What an amazing Mum you have. Even as old as she is, she's still a damsel.
Our mothers are just simply priceless. Wow

Thank you so much

You welcome sweetheart

Sewing machine's brand is Singer? :)

It must be a german

Wow you are really a soft-heart individual. The best person are those who the best manner to parents.

thank you

  ·  last year (edited)

This was such a touching post and I can only say that everything about it made me think of my own mother and family.

Your mother gave up so much of her life, but I can tell you that she gave it up willingly, because that is what a loving mother does. There is no me for mother, there is only what she can do to secure a better life for you filled with love. I can tell that she raised you well because you are indeed giving back what she gave to you.

I admire you for taking the time in the patience to be the loving son she raised and be her companion as you escort her to her home where she grew up. I hope that the journey is able to be done and I wish you both well as you travel together.

I look forward to seeing what your mother made for her spring hats.

May you have an amazing day and many blessings to those that take care of their own.

Thank you for your comment

posting is very amazing I really like my friend, please help me
$ 0.00Reply
Will i upvoted and resteem


thank you @slowwalker 😊, hopefully your posts give the best always

Parents are our bases and it is up to us to value their efforts, You do a good job. @slowwalker I will write something about my father, I hope you see it, follow me @sofiainfante

I love my mom. Lot of love for your mom. God bless him.


I miss my mom so much, i wish we had more time. very thoughful post.... made me cry even. thanks for sharing this.

Mothers are superheroes because they do so much for us through their selfless sacrifices and its nice to appreciate them in our little ways by spending more time with them.
Nice pictures and i love how you breath life into each sentence.

Never joke with your parents they are the source of your been, cherish them, love them till their old age never neglect them you owe them a lot.

@slowwalker I love the way you treat your mother, nice the things you will remember when she is gone. She is happy doing things, makes her feel alive. Keep enjoying her

I love all the feelings that reflect these photos. Thank you for showing this great photographic work.

This is so cute

Your mother is an active woman even with technology, is a blessing that at her age can do so many things, she looks great and with a son in love, good takes

Your mother is a wonderful person.
I would like to make something using a sewing machine.
Through your mother's activity, I have the courage to learn.

I think you can do that

It delights me when i see people tske care of their mum. I wish i had the opportunity to. With her age, she still do all of that? She is incredibly energetic. I totally love her work. They are fine looking caps. That is one thing about old people, you won't see them discard that machine, no matter how old it is. Welldone. I am sure you make her happy. She must be really proud of you.

Today, I am your 400th vote, I would like to be the 1st person to give you a hug for such a beautiful writing, for the love you feel for your mother, for the time you dedicated and even more because you enjoyed that time together with she.

This reminds me of my grandma, she made all of my childhood dresses by her old sewing machine

Just a wonderful post...and hope you'll visit my blog again..your support appreciated..


I love my mother, reading the story I just remembered the hard struggle my mother made to raise her children. not easy to make money, but for the sake of their children they are willing to work anything as long as get money to raise us.

I miss my mom...