Falling asleep at work and an update on the job front

in life •  3 months ago

After over two months off work it’s been a bit of a shock having to go to work again, not in the sense of having to do the work but my body has gotten used to having regular afternoon naps, that is when myself and @bingbabe were not climbing mountains.

Post 2pm, I’m yawning like crazy and having daily struggles to simply keep awake. It’s not like the job is boring, it’s that I simply am failing to have the stamina to keep going on a 7.5 hour shift.


I have not reached the point yet of dropping off with drool rolling down my face as I have been fighting it off by walking around the office and sometimes outside. Free tea and coffee helps but there’s only so much of that machine stuff I can muster.

There is a fancy coffee shop but it’s not subsidised compared to the last company I was working for and I really don’t want to keep buying it.

What I am doing is interesting stuff. Working in smaller companies has its advantages such as the freedom to diverse. Large companies tend to pigeon hole you into your specific skill set and that’s all you do.


It’s a Windows 10 project and in the very early stages. They have locked down the USB ports, so I can't easily get my Steemit master key into the browser for some voting and curation. Just as well as I don’t really have the time.

They are giving me free reign to basically come up with a packaging and sequencing solution for around 2500 users. They tell me that they have never had any dedicated packagers in the organisation and from what I can see this is quite true.


I find it hard to believe that nobody has ever used App-V, AdminStudio or even Orca. They don’t appear to know how to use these products at all. It seems I have my work cut out for me and that I can carve some kind of niche in this company. That’s makes me feel good and overall I do have a good vibe about the place,

There’s another packager joining me in 2-3 weeks. I just hope he’s not an arsehole or a sycophant; is there really a difference?



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Glad to hear that things are going well even if it is hard to keep yourself awake. I think we all feel that way sometimes. I occasionally find myself floating off when I am sitting at my desk. It is funny because at the end of the day I find myself being more tired on the slow days than on the days where I was running non-stop. Do they have a lot of specific options they need set for the software you are packaging?


I'm getting there with the new job. Lots of new people and I have set configure my environment before I can really start. I got something done today and although yawning a lot didn't feel as bad as last week.


Well that is a start then! Sounds like it is a pretty easy going place to work.

I've never used any of those packages, or even heard of them. I did have a terrible problem with getting "the mid-afternoon yawns" as I used to call them, in my last job before I was made redundant. Sometimes it was so bad that people sitting near me used to find it hilarious. And I enjoyed my job. I've never taken afternoon naps (although some docs recommend them).
When I started my own business after being made redundant, the yawns went away completely. I always thought that was because I was on my feet all day, but other people have said that despite having a non-sedentary job they still get the yawns. There are several things that might help banish that mid-afternoon lull:
• Avoid heavy lunches, especially with alcohol
• Get some fresh air
• Get up and walk about every now and then
• If your office is dark, get a bright light or daylight bulb.
Also it might just be because you've started a new job and are getting used to your new surroundings.


I yawned like crazy at the last gig too, sometimes I had to power nap at lunch. Then the yawns still came back around 3..., I dont know what to do about it.

I can get up whenever I like.. thats a bonus... splashing water on the face doesnt work.. drinking water does somewhat.

I don't know that software at all. I tend to do more low level programming. We don't get any free drinks at work, so I take in a jar of coffee. I can buy Starbucks in the canteen, but that can add up. There's also Nescafe machines, but that's no better than my instant. Sometimes I need some coffee mid-afternoon to keep me going. I get the munchies for chocolate too, but try to resist.

Congrats on the job. Sounds like you could have found a great place to stay. Assume the other guy doesn't turn out to be a super evil genius that undermines your role. Lets hope for a mediocre hard worker who looks to you for direction hehehe


Lets hope for a mediocre hard worker who looks to you for direction

My very thoughts!

This is all really quite impressive to me since I don't know anything about software. Must be a great job. Give yourself time to adjust. It would be tough after being away. Stand up to work at the computer maybe that will help.

I'm pleased I stayed in some sort of morning routine when I wasn't working in that I was up every morning to meet the dog walkers. 5:30 ish starts are still a bit of a shock to the system though - I find I'm hanging by Thursday. Oddly my fitbit suggests I'm not getting any less sleep though so I'm being a little more sensible with my bed time.

We all went to my sister's for brunch earlier and that was a bad idea. I ate far too much and could really do with a nap now - it seems to be working for Lola.


Nap's at weekends in the middle of the day are great, I just had one. At work though, they don't take too kindly too it, though I'm sure it would help my productivity and everyone elses enormously.

We have a lot of learn from the Japanese who embrace this kind of thing.


I never took the Japanese as nappers! I think it would be the easiest way to find myself back job searching :)

I've managed to survive today without one but I very much doubt I'll be staying up late tonight. Sod's law I'll fall asleep early and end up waking up at some God unearthly hour.


Sounds like you've had a good start with the potential for a very interesting role. You've had quite a long break and you're in a new situation, lots to learn and take in, I expect it will take a week or two to adjust to the new routine. Hope you manage to stay awake meantime 😊


Hope you manage to stay awake meantime

This is the tough bit, hope I can too.

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