I think that's what evolution means in their mind. Now we have people dropping of the gender soon we'll see people dropping of the idea of being human. Two path from there - Either an emotional tool or a Stone age.

Guess we won't be needing institutes of higher education in both cases.

the non human thing has been around for a couple years at this point, mtv even did some propaganda for it. its the same logic though, i feel like "x" and identifiy as "x" so i am really "x".
Stone age almost sounds like a better option.

Might end up as no education at all as smart people are making the stupid people feel bad.

This video was a little disturbing to watch. I am not really sure if the movie was mocking them or promoting the lunacy.

it was originally a news story but sanders put the subtitles on it for fun.

The original and many many more like it are promoting it.
the crazy part of it is the otherkins arent even the extreem, there are therians that think they are fictional beings too.

if you look up otherkin or therian on youtube you will find hundreds of videos, even parents that are raising their kids to be therian and shit.

The world is fucked.

I swear its a cult!

'The world is fucked'

In this messed up place those were the only words clear enough for me to understand. I am not sure what is happening here but its effect on my mind is not good. I feel like taking a long walk and ................ just keep walking for a very long time.

that happens to me from time to time.....
nice long walk to the liquor and weed store.

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