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RE: They Banned What Now?!?!?!?

in #life6 years ago

Wait a few years and they'll tell men to give up their balls and women to give up their ovaries - All in the name of gender neutral society.

From now an I will make sure to use the word 'man' excessively. I am also going to use the word 'Manity' in place of 'Humanity'. These morons need to know that their are consequences to stupidity.


No more x or Y chromosomes? No matter how much you edit body parts and language you can’t edit dna...I wouldn’t doubt there is going to be a vaccine to edit them out of existence 💉

Just came back from dinner and this conversation. My best Steemians on my comment - Love that!

There is no changing what your genes give you. It's like trying to tell nature what to do.

That’s the problem, the people screwing with nature think they are Gods, they need Loki to visit them 💀 @hashcash

A dose of Loki just might be the doctor's order. Who knows he might bring the avengers in tow :-)

science is white colonialism so that will be next to go.

Science has no colors, it is as empty as the matter it tries to measure...😷

i like that quote.

XNA Is synthetic dna and is much stronger in bond than the real thing. Often i feel as if i am a genetically modified individual. Its just stupid lyme bacteria though. A and of course the game changer crsper. Soon every student with keys to the lab will get to play dr frankenstein. Frankenstain. Haha get it. Mandela effect joke

I dont get the replacement of MANkind with huMAN.
they both have man in them.

Just think what its going to be like when the people that graduate from this maddness become the people running the world.

I think that's what evolution means in their mind. Now we have people dropping of the gender soon we'll see people dropping of the idea of being human. Two path from there - Either an emotional tool or a Stone age.

Guess we won't be needing institutes of higher education in both cases.

the non human thing has been around for a couple years at this point, mtv even did some propaganda for it. its the same logic though, i feel like "x" and identifiy as "x" so i am really "x".
Stone age almost sounds like a better option.

Might end up as no education at all as smart people are making the stupid people feel bad.

This video was a little disturbing to watch. I am not really sure if the movie was mocking them or promoting the lunacy.

it was originally a news story but sanders put the subtitles on it for fun.

The original and many many more like it are promoting it.
the crazy part of it is the otherkins arent even the extreem, there are therians that think they are fictional beings too.

if you look up otherkin or therian on youtube you will find hundreds of videos, even parents that are raising their kids to be therian and shit.

The world is fucked.

I swear its a cult!

'The world is fucked'

In this messed up place those were the only words clear enough for me to understand. I am not sure what is happening here but its effect on my mind is not good. I feel like taking a long walk and ................ just keep walking for a very long time.

that happens to me from time to time.....
nice long walk to the liquor and weed store.

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