im so overwhelmed

in #life6 years ago

In less then 6 days the moving container shows up and im not ready for it.

In less then a month i will be disconected from eletronics, im so overwhelmed.

2-3 months in an rv moving across country.

I am not ready for this..................


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thank you!
wow its shitty to see ur rep so low.
i made it back from -9 so you can come back too!

Good luck with the move.

Thank you, still a little away but so much to do still.

Dude what is happening here ??????????????????

I actually read most of the posts in my feed. Did I miss something?

I been slowly getting ready for the move for a while, its just coming up on go time quick.
just moving back to vegas where most my family is and stuff.
Im just losing my mind trying to figure what to keep as 90% of what i own im getting rid of.
Trying to convert to the simple life.
After the rv move to vegas ima try and build a micro camper and travel around but im not to that point yet.

The post kind of blindsided me. I hope I am not being presumptuous but good to know that you are moving back to city of your family.

"Im just losing my mind trying to figure what to keep as 90% of what i own im getting rid of."

Getting rid of stuff is difficult for me. So I just do a major clearance operation on my possessions almost once a year. Kind of harsh but saves me a ton of trouble for later when I move.

I wish i kept up on it like that.
I just been making piles with free signs and watching the stuff leave.

I am currently sitting on the floor in front of my computer also on the floor.

One of my favorites...

Wow i feel stupid for not remembering that one.
Zeppelin Should have been on the top.

I aint joking woman i got to rambel....... i can hear it calling me like it use to.

Your talking to an old die-hard Zep fan. Saw Robert Plant twice in concert an once Plant and Page.

Wow that video is blocked in the united states.
i never seen them live but i grew up on them, i was lucky to have a father that had good taste in music and was really into the sceen throught his life.
I guess next question is beatles vs stones vs zappa?

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Why not resteem it without me going to a link?

And that because friend ... are you going on tour?

Just moving, i will pretend im on tour so i have an excuese for massive drug and alcahol use.

Jajajaja Jajajajajajajajajajajaja Claro I understand you in a medicinal way. Hahaha

work hard cause life is hard.

Yes. I know that. I do it every day, it's not easy ..

That is why you are one of the strong!

Far out! Its good to do the big jump. In my twenties i lived in bay ridge brooklyn for a half year and a year in green lake seattle It was good for me.

Ive moved my whole life, its like every 4 years i move.
cali to new your, ny to nj, nj back to cali, cali to hawaii, hawaii to las vegas, then washington, back to vegas then its finally travel time.
i hope.
only time will tell.

i got so much stuff to get rid of, its (i hate to keep using the same word) overwhelming.

in a couple days everything might just end up on the curb with a free sign.

Honstly i like washington better then the vegas desert but thats where alot of my family is and cant get back the time lost with family ect.......

Wow. AmZing amount of travel!!! Letting go of stuff is difficult for sure but its better to be able to. I certainly have moved towards the feeling that less is more. The things that matter these days are within the ipad. And i feel like as a creative artist i dont need all the old trappings of musical gear like i use to. The studio available with an ipad seriously cost more than 10k dollars back in the nineties.

All best to you Skeptik. Dont look back

I understand the whole ipad situation, i havent gotten that much into the present time tech wise, i still prefer my hardware to software.
basically what im keeping is old art that i produced throught my life, my computer, my music equipment and clothing. im sure some other little things here and there that have sentememtal value but at this point it feels like a burden carying it all from place to place.
oh some art supplies im keeping too (minimal).

The great thing about 90's music equipment is its cheap af now.
the bad part of it is the space it takes and the box of cables i lug around. lol
Still i love hardware, something about physical knobs and stuff i cant get over. recording software though that shit is awesome now days.

Sounds like it could be a fun little adventure. RV life! Try not to clog the toilet. Remember, “If it’s yellow, let it mellow. If it’s brown, flush it down”
Good luck!

I will be trying not to use the rv toilet at all. ive whitnessed a clogged rv bathroom and i couldnt sit in a sealed box of that smell.

Rest stop and gastation bathrooms till we get to the final destination.

The good thing about moving is that you know different people in each city

Yeah, makes it hard to throw partys though.

Are you a musician going on tour, what’s going on?

Just moving, i will pretend im on tour as an excuese for the exesive drug and liquor usage.

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