Office Of The Future: How Augmented Reality Could Replace All Our Screens With 3D Holograms

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How do you imagine the offices of the future?

People entering the building through facial recognition, being greeted by AI at the front desk, getting their coffee prepared by a robot?
And then, they will be sitting down at their desks - but not to work on a computer, but to put on Augmented Reality glasses and work in the AR space.

That's at least how Augmented Reality startup Meta imagines offices in the future - and that's actually how they've already structured their headquarters.

Introducing Meta: World's most advanced Augmented Reality headset!


This company really swears by his own products: San Francisco-based startup Meta has stripped all of their employees' desks bare, removing computer monitors and only leaving them with Augmented Reality glasses.

Founder and CEO Meron Gribetz has decided to make this change in order to prove that AR can really replace computers at the workspace.
His employees will be managing Emails, organizing tasks and communicating with clients via AR, using hand gestures as controls.

He wants to show that working in a virtual 3D environment is more productive than sitting in front of a flat PC monitor.

“Through the first few months we’ll see a decrease in productivity - A few months later when people are spatializing their thoughts, people are going to become a lot more effective.”

-Meta Founder and CEO Meron Gribetz

Don't confuse Augmented Reality with Virtual Reality!

In Virtual Reality, the user wears a headset that completely blocks his vision of the real world around him so that he's only focused on the virtual environment created.
Augmented Reality on the other hand lets the user view his surroundings normally, and overlays Holograms on it so that you can still interact with the people and objects around you.

The startup, which is backed by Lenovo and Comcast, has received $73 million in funding to create world's latest Augmented Reality headsets.

The product itself can be pre-ordered for $949 and lets the user see objects in 3D around him - for example browser windows, applications, or other items.


Meta's AR headsets specifically focus on making you more productive.

Gribetz stated that neuroscience research has shown that people can solve problems more effectively when certain parts of the brain concerned with motion are active as well.

Gribetz imagines the future to be a lot more interactive and a lot more focused on our countless devices - instead, AR could possibly take over most of the electronics we use today:

“We’re constantly doing user research and finding that our user interfaces are more effective. I think this technology will one day replace your computer, phone, tablet, and television. This won't happen overnight - But certainly if you move forward about a decade or even less, people will have strips of glass that will look very much like the glasses I have on, that will be able to do everything that a computer, a tablet, or a phone will be able to do, and a whole lot more."

-Meta Founder and CEO Meron Gribetz


So how exactly could Augmented Reality make someone's work easier?

Gribetz takes image editing as an example.
Instead of working with photoshop on a PC and clicking with a mouse, the whole process could be more simple and natural with Augmented Reality.
With Meta, the user could hold the AR brush physically, dip it in a virtual paint pot, change colors, change the size of the brush with gestures, and then painting part of the image a different color.

In general, the technology mostly benefits companies that make physical products.

Anything that involves creating a product or prototype is great because you can visualize the model, spin it, scale it, and more.
For average office jobs, the benefits are not as obvious - Meta employees stated that the biggest productivity perk is having "boundless space for an unlimited number of screens".
It also makes teamwork and brainstorming easier because you can make giant pages and arrange them in a 360° environment around you.
Most employees were reluctant to give up their computers at first - but after a while, they described the experience as "much more immersive and visceral".


Although the technology is still in its infancy, it's fascinating to see that a company is doing their best to implement it into the daily workflow (and it works!)

I'm sure we'll be hearing a lot more from Meta in the future and I'm excited to see how AR will develop.

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It will be interesting to see how quickly this tech develops and if it will become mainstream soon.


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Great article, @sirwinchester! With the rate at which technology is moving, I think augmented reality could become commonplace in the workforce. It seems to have lots of important use cases: remote work, training employees, computer repairs, e-commerce, tours and maps, and better office spaces.

The future is a bright place :)

Ok, this is really awesome. I can see the potential uses for folks with disabilities as well. I hope to see more about this company in the future. Normally I only upvote a post with a maximum of 25% SP but I gave this post a 100% upvote and a resteem. Keep up the good work.

nice post, upvote back please thanks @aridhanuwsp

Maybe your not going out your home for a work by adopting virtual office.


Yes that could actually become a possibility in the future!

Augmented reality is the future @ sirwinchester for a better working environment.

WOW a robot that brings you coffee! Nice Post amigo and thank you for sharing.

Welcome to the future, i bet if this innovative start up were in the blockchain sphere and are to hold an ICO, Bancor and Status ICO combined wouldn't be enough.

Nice Post @sirwinchester, I upvoted. Wow in future, we could be just doing whatever we like and robots could be doing our important jobs.

I am impressed with you .. thanks information.semoga we can be friends well .. follow me @riansteem


How interesting and inspiring this topic of augmented reality, I agree if you are in an environment where you can have more mobility than the pc, creativity can improve and be more effective, you just have to practice to perfect, excellent publication I leave you My upvote.

Being an avid fan of syfi, I was not surprised to see this innovation come into it's own. Writers have been putting Holograms and AR into their seripts for Years. I also knew that sites like Second life, a site I was addicted to for years, a VR site, was the forerunner for some advanced Innovation.

Thank you @sirwinchester the future will be like that for sure and also it will use both of the AR and VR. I am sure that the peoples will not even have to go to work they will just enter a virtual world where they can talk with other and also in no time if a collaborator is in Japan they will just travel in the virtual world to be at the office in Japan and it will be done with no travel time. Many conferences today start to use Hologram so the conference takes place in different parts of the world at the same time. This is the future.

I'm keen to try out this kind of technology for real but I do have some questions about the practicalities of it.

I use and develop things in VR and know how much physical space I end up using when moving around. Do users of these systems end up taking up more space to get work done?

My second question is about using it for editing images as mentioned in the example. When I'm editing photographs or creating digital illustrations I like to focus on what I'm doing. Trying to edit and enhance fine details must be harder with the reality beyond leaking through. Imagine trying to remove elements from a photo whilst someone is walking behind it - not an easy task.

Interesting article @sirwinchester. I thing that comes to mind from the photoshop example is added physical intensity and stamina. I am all for making people more active however one added stress would be more movement by certain professions where currently they simple move a mouse and click.

would be interested also to consider space usage as a staff member may need to move their hands in different directions to carry out a movement.

still really cool technology!


Thank you!
Yes you're right, there are a couple of other factors to consider when replacing screens with Augmented Reality.
The Meta employees tried it and after being skeptical at first, they actually enjoyed it.
It's definitely not for everyone (and not for every type of work) but for certain jobs, it can really improve the productivity and work flow!

The idea of augmented reality has always been really fascinating to me and its ridiculous how far it has come in such a relatively short period of time. What used to be thought of as scifi is now completely realistic within a decade. Technology moves at such a rapid rate and I am extremely excited to see what's around the corner. Very interesting article man.


Thank you!
Yes I'm totally with you - AR (and VR) surprises me, it's incredible to see at which speed the technology is developing and I can't wait to see what's next.

Awesome post. I look forward to an office where I can interact with my screen and the internet in AR/VR. I still think I want a keyboard though, especially in the first generation of this shift to designing in a virtual world.

Awesome technology ahead and makes me to actually want to work in an office of the future... hahaha... And I don't even remember the last time I actually worked in an office ;) Anything is possible, considering that it would have been mind-blowing just 2 decades ago to know that we now have almost instant access to almost every conceivable information from the comfort of my home with the internet.

Thats pretty interesting

Indeed! the future would be viewing everything from the lens of VR and AR. I believe in few years time we would be able to see it's true potential in every walk of life


Yes, definitely. I have read many articles about AR and VR overtaking our countless screens in the future, whether that's smartphones, tablets or laptops.
Can't wait to see how this will develop.

The 1995 movie Johnny Mnemonic envisioned Virtual Reality and some of the features of Augmented Reality. The main difference between VR & AR is made obvious here throught the character's opaque tinted glasses, but still the genaral idea of manipulating one's environment as being the new platform for using a computer remains the same.

wow ! I definitely see the future being like this ! Its kind of freaky ! LOL! But if its more productive then why not ! Haha !👍👍👍


Yes it does seem quite freaky to us now, but I can actually imagine this becoming a thing in the future..
We will see! I'd actually love to test this AR headset out myself and experience it firsthand.


Yes ! It would be an experience for sure ! I totally see this kind of thing in the future , I mean you can work at home and send your hologram to work for you ! Haha , or how about a hologram greeting you at the McDonald's drive through !!! No need to try and hire people anymore for these types of jobs in the future when nobody wants to do them anyways ! LOL! 😂😂😂👍👍👍


The future is Augmented Reality, Nice post.


Thank you! And yes that's definitely true!

I would like to live up to such technologies))

That would be a great way to work. Eager to try it out as soon as it becomes available at my location. Cheers.

Thanks for sharing :)

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put your hands up in the air! 8 hours a day haha


And do nothing but waving around lol. That's what I call easy money ;)

I am so excited I'm alive!

Hey ! I need to talk to you about an App idea!

Yes, that's where we are heading to, quite soon. I can already see it. What could be also great is that, they somehow invent teleporting to your office so you don't have to commute lol. Imagine that ;) Interesting share btw

Nice exciting view into our future!

In other news, imagine using an augmented reality headset to drive a truck, or a boat (they've been using them for fighter aircraft for a long time)