Get Superhuman Eyesight With These Bionic Lenses - 3 Times Better Than 20/20 Vision! 👁

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Have you ever dreamed of superhuman eyesight? Well, this wish could become reality very soon.

A technology called Ocumetics claims to enable superhuman vision, 3 times better than 20/20 vision, which will last a lifetime and can be obtained in an 8-minute procedure!

It sounds like a miracle - and although it's real, it is still quite unbelievable.

The Ocumetics bionic lense was first announced in may 2015 by Canadian ophthalmologist Dr. Garth Webb, and is supposed to be released within this year after 8 years of research and $3 million in funding.

He created the technology as a result of a personal issue of his:

"At age 45 I had to struggle with reading glasses, which like most people, I found was a great insult. To this day I curse my progressive glasses. I also wear contact lenses, which I also curse just about every day. My heroes were cowboys, and cowboys just did not wear glasses."
-Dr. Garth Webb, Founder


How does it work?

The bionic lense will be inserted into the eye through a painless, in-office procedure that apparently takes only 8 minutes and doesn't require any anesthesia.
The tiny custom-made bionic lense will be folded to fit into a saline-filled syringe.
The doctor then cuts a small incision in the eye, places the lense inside with help of the syringe, and leaves it there to unravel for a few seconds.
And that's it!
The bionic lens is made from "inert biocompatible polymeric materials that do not cause biophysical changes within the eye."

"This is vision enhancement that the world has never seen before. If you can just barely see the clock at 10 feet, when you get the Bionic Lens you can see the clock at 30 feet (9 metres) away. (...) Perfect eyesight should be a human right!"

-Dr. Garth Webb, Founder



Obviously, the biggest benefit is instant "perfect" vision, 3 times better than 20/20 vision.
This means not only distance vision, but especially the ability to "successfully allow dynamic changes in vision from “optical infinity to 1 inch away in less than ¼ second."

But there are also other long-term benefits:

Since the bionic lense replaces your natural one, there will be no risk for cataracts in the future and the "superhuman vision" will last a lifetime.
The procedure could even protect overall eye health, because cataracts can release chemicals that increase the risk of glaucoma and other issues.


What exactly is 20/20 vision?

20/20 vision is the benchmark for what's considered healthy and normal vision.
It means that someone can see the same line of letters when stood at a distance of 20ft compared with what a 'normal' person sees at the same distance.
By comparison: 20/40 vision for example would mean that the person sees at 20ft what a 'normal' person sees at 40ft.

These bionic lenses offer vision that's 3 times better than 20/20 - so 3 times better than perfect "normal" eyesight!

In theory, this would actually be 20/0 vision, meaning that the wearer could see letters when stood at 20ft that a normal person could see with the letters directly in front of their eyes.

"There's a lot of excitement about the Bionic Lens from very experienced surgeons who perhaps had some cynicism about this because they've seen things not work in the past. They think that this might actually work and they're eager enough that they all wish to be on the medical advisory board to help him on his journey. I think this device is going to bring us closer to the holy grail of excellent vision at all ranges — distant, intermediate and near."

-Dr. Vincent DeLuise, ophthalmologist and professor at Yale University



The Ocumetics bionic lense is supposed to be released in 2017, although there is no specific date yet.
Technical details are yet to be announced, but all we know is that these lenses will offer "superhuman" vision that's 3 times better than 20/20 - so vision that's 3 times better than completely healthy human vision.
It also prevents cataracts in the future.

I'm looking forward to the official launch and can't wait to hear about some testimonials!

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I want it :P But only after my own lenses might have deteriorated, in... perhaps 60 years from now :P

This could give incredible possibilities to human vision, such as zooming or recording what people are watching.

Super Vision!!!

The hero that enjoys the finer details of life!

Hahaha, yes exactly!

OH MY GOD!!! I wish I could give you a thousand upvotes for this. I have had to wear glasses since I was 8, and I hate them. Lasic surgery is not suitable for my prescription, and my eyes are getting worse.

If this is safe; then I'm getting it, I don't care about the cost; I just want perfect vision!

Thanks for posting, I will keep an eye (arf arf!) on developments!


This technology would be the one for you - I hope it will get released soon and the procedure will be safe so that you can benefit from it!

I hope so too; I will of course wait and let others be guinea pigs!


This is some very cool medical technology!

In the past few years the medical field has made some truly amazing advances/breakthroughs.

I've said a number of times.."by the time I'm "old," I'll be part cyborg."

One really interesting advancement I recall blowing my mind, was the ability to keep lungs alive and functioning while outside of the human body.

  • Apparently prior to this procedure, lungs had to be transplanted within 45minutes or they deteriorated beyond usability.

  • Now, they can keep them hooked up to a breathing machine for several hours allowing the blood to circulate and essentially keep the lungs in near perfect health until the patient is ready for transplant.

  • I also believe that they aren't too far off from perfecting procedures which would allow other organs to survive outside of the body for longer periods of time. This would effectively increase the amount of harvested organs useable/available for transplant by an insane number!

Really enjoyed this post!

Wow that's so interesting - thanks for sharing.
And it's true, we will all be partly cyborg in the future!

Haha I've made my peace with it.

I just hope that it doesn't somehow turn cynical in the future.... Where the company that made your implant or prosthetic still owns somehow and therefore owns a part of your body..

I can see someone thinking that's a great idea...

So awesome! It's crazy how much technology for vision has evolved. Particularly regarding those who need vision assistance, such as these gadgets for blind people. There's many options for assistive technology products for the blind now, and I'm glad to see that the innovation continues to advance. Thanks for sharing :)

8 min of work for a nice price tag of 10-20k per eye at least I'm sure. I need to go back to school to be an optometrist

True! But imagine 8 minutes to completely transform your eyesight...

That would be so awesome! I heard of the Ocumetics bionic lense a while ago and I thought the release date was a couple more years out then 2017 but I guess I might of been wrong. I cant wait! It may end up being my first cybernetic enhancement depending on the cost :) .

That would be awesome! But I'm also quite skeptical if they'll manage to release it this year already.

I need this new technology so badly now. My eyes can barely see the words I am typing without glasses. It is fascinating how fast science and technology are progressing these days. In fact, I just made a post that touches the thought-provoking subject of human immortality through science. Perhaps you or the readers here might find it interesting as well. Here is the link:

oh hell yeah i need to sign up for that, bye bye need for glasses(which since steemit has deteriorated 3x faster) xD

This could completely transform the lives of millions of people!

What a nice post!! Great job! Keep it up!

This is truly awesome technology ;) Something that i might need some day. Thanks for this interesting Post


Glad you enjoyed it! I'm looking forward to this technology as well!

Waao,now that is something that helps me to improve my vision thanks @sirwinchester. :)

You're welcome, glad you liked it!

Welcome buddy :)

These types of lenses are going to change a lot of things. It is actually going to change the face of sports. Can you imagine a sport like Baseball where seeing the ball well has a huge impact on your ability to make solid contact?

Or other activites like hunting etc... everything where long-distance vision is needed. These lenses could completely transform that!

I have had bad vision for years. It would be wonderful to have better than average vision in my senior years. Bring it on. I am waiting.

Imagine having that super-vision for the rest of your life.. incredible!

Great information. My glasses and contacts are not that comfortable. Can't wait for this new procedure to be on the market.

Yes you'd never have to worry about putting on glasses or contact lenses ever again!

Que maravillosa noticia. Los avances científicos realmente sorprenden cada día.

Wow, I could really use this. Until they said incision. LOL
It will probaly have a bionic price tag also!!
Great Info, something definately to look into.
Blessings to you!! (Resteemed)

Thanks for the support!
Yes an incision will be necessary, but I'm optimistic that they will perfect the procedure and make it as safe as possible!

I hope they keep developing these things!

I am low on power but will send you a donation instead!


Thank you! appreciate it!

Sounds great!!! Very interesting bro

That's just the beginning. I have heard of lenses being announced with wireless internet and a HUD inside, like Google Glass but lenses.

Would 20:2.5 be 3 times better?

I would totaly go for cybernetic lens :)

Wow. My daughter has two different eye problems. I think this would help her eye condition dramatically.

This is truly amazing technology! Something I may seek out someday. Thanks for sharing!

Interesting read. The $3 million for research didn't sound like much. 😀 Will be interesting to see the price tag for this.

Yes, that's something they haven't mentioned at all.

Wow best article of the week

Thank you for the awesome compliment 😁 appreciate it

You're welcome

That would be dope, but I'm not sure I really wanna risk my regular vision to have them meddle with improving it!

Good point, I would also wait a few years until the procedure was perfected so that I can be totally safe.

I don't care what the cost is. I'm doing this as soon as I am able. To see the cells in the tips of my fingers at that level of magnification is breathtaking. Just imagine what it will be like to take LSD or psilocybin mushrooms with these bionic lenses installed. HOLY...

Good point! There are so many experiences that would be totally different with superhuman vision!

Heck, forget superhuman vision, I'll take normal vision. If they could combine this with the artificial iris, I would totally be game to do it!!

It is amazing what humans can do if we put our time and effort into creating useful technology

.. and into improving our own lives!

OMG How cool is this!!! I've just turned 39 and my eyes have just recently started deteriorating. I'm gutted, I had perfect vision, but this has give me hope, I just need to earn some money, cause this is gonna be expensive. I'm obsessed with future technology, I've told my wife, if we can afford it, I 100% want to be cryogenically frozen.

Technology is amazing!

Pretty kool :)

I can't wait! Suppose the cost will be the lens and not the procedure since it is such a short procedure. Wonder if the medical aids will bite into this, or will they rather keep on paying for consultations and glasses every 2nd year. Hopefully, they will also have a VISION for the future

very usefull

I love technology!

This is amazing. I can't believe I only saw this post now . I am blind in my left eye. I have been for the past 13 years after one of my school friends threw a stone at my eye and tore my retina. From that point I had to have multiple surgeries done and eventually my damaged eye could not handle the trauma so they decided it was best to remove my eyes' lens. From that point (When I was 7) up until now I have not had vision in my eye.

I always stayed faithful knowing that someday in the future, the technology would advance and I would be able to gain vision once again. I believe this might actually be the day that faith comes to reality. Thanks for posting. I appreciate you :)

That is crazy and amazing! I love 21st century!Thnks for sharing!<3