How to join Simplex World Society and support CO2Fund

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If you want to become a member of Simplex World Society (Steem, Website) by supporting our CO2Fund (Steem, Website) please ask for your Member-ID by using the contact form on our website.
Being a member of Simplex World Society could have financial and publicity advantages over doing donations.

Membership in Section CO2Fund

The membership is obtained simply by paying the membership fee.

Membership Fees

The membership fee depends on the size of your company. Of course you are always free to increase your membership fee or to do a donation at any amount.

Company SizeEmployeesRevenue(4)Membership Fee (5)
Non / Private person
≤ 9
≤ 2 MM
45 EUR
≤ 49
≤ 10 MM
135 EUR
≤ 499
≤ 50 MM
540 EUR
≤ 2500
≤ 250 MM
2700 EUR
Very Large
≥ 2500
≥ 250 MM
13500 EUR

Definitions XS, S and M for SME by IfM Bonn, Germany, 2016
(1) and not a Micro Business   (2) and not a Small Business   (3) and not a Medium Business
(4) Million per Year   (5) Minimum per Month

Please note:
Membership fees always includes ⅓ of the amount as a supporting investment in CO2 Compensation Coins, which could be paid out later. Further details can be found in our regulations in the documents section of this post.

Payment Methods

Payment methods for Euro (EUR) and Crypto Currencies are described here…

Helpful Information

  • 100% of the membership fee is used to acquire CO2 Compensation Coins (COCO) of which ⅔ are made available directly to projects in the field of CO2 compensation.
  • Your Company can be listed on the CO2Fund’s website*, e.g. like here....
  • Members receive an individual CO2Fund banner for their use, that refers to the member’s page on the CO2Fund’s website.
  • The detailed statutes of Simplex World Society you find here.
  • The detailed regulations of CO2Fund you find here.
  • The membership terminates automatically at the end of the 15th month after the last membership fee has been paid.
  • A member can always stop paying the membership fees.
  • A member can always leave the membership status by request.
  • A member has no obligations.

*including Company's Name and Address[es], Logo, Picture, Telephone number, URL


Resteemed. This is EPIC and apparently overlooked. I would like to ask you some questions about funds from US or Latin America, but also is it possible for me to participate in the promotion of this project directly with your team?

Sorry @ecoinstant for the late answer - might have overlooked it...
We have a Discord Server now:
So we could text there. CU

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