Simplex World Society is Founded

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Simplex World Society is a Swiss association and was founded November 20, 2019.

Founding members: @retinox, @snjo

Website with information about the association:


The President

Picture Miriam Espacio,


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From a geometric point of view, individuals are no longer distributed on a spherical surface in terms of the effect of events or actions, but are corner points of a geometric object that are equally far apart in pairs. With regard to time and space, the distribution of n individuals in our world can therefore be imagined as the arrangement of n vertices of a regular simplex in an (n-1)-dimensional space. - source

This is very interesting @retinox and @snjo. I invite you to take a look at my most recent post about the Matrix-8 Multi-Level Governance Platform and the comment threads below with thehive. I would very much appreciate your input.


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