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It's something special when you have your daughter at home, especially if she's an adult and he lives far away from you. Ok, my daughter doesn't live so far, just about 30 minutes from me, but it's always a nice thing to have her at home!

When you (adult) daughter is ith you at home, even if for just some hours, you can see the signs of her presence...everywhere.

For example a pair of shoes in the bathroom (in the middle of the room, just to know ^_^). Sure, you can see that shoes just when she leaves the bathroom free. She seems to love to use the bathroom not just for the "common activities" that you can d in that room, but she  use to hone to her fiance and to her friends from there!Strange but true.

Yes, it's something special when your daughter spent some time at your home and I love her so much.

She arrive at your home and immediatly start to feel herself hungry. Yes, she had a big sandwich in her hands just few minutes ago, but she need something to eat (again). Just few minutes and she has been complaining about her big belly. She doesn't have a big belly, but she said "I have a big belly and I don't know why". Why??? You perfectly know why! You eat since you wake up in the morning until you sleep and you don't have a belly, really! You're lucky and you don't know it, believe me! :D

Yes, it's something special when your daughter spent some time at your home and I love her so much.

- Mom, would you like a cup of coffee? Can you make a bit of coffe for me too?

Wait, I don't feel the need of another coffee. If YOU want a coffee and YOU have a couple of hands that can make coffee, why I have to make coffee for you?

Yes, sure, you know me from 30 years and you know that if yu use your "sweet baby" tone of voice I can't resist. Ok, I'll make the coffee, but you take away the shoes from the bathroom. ^_^

Yes, it's something special when your daughter spent some time at your home and I love her so much.

The pic is not close to the theme of this content, but I like these little pink flower ^_^

Now I'm sitting to take the coffee with my lovely daughter @noemilunastorta

see ya later


silvia beneforti

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Hiya @silviabeneforti. just wanted you to know that I have made a fairy wishing well to go hopefully in our fairy garden. thought you might want to check it out.

My mum said she could feel my presence when I moved out many years ago, she also said she could still smell me too, then she cleaned the house haha.
I have an 11 year old who is growing up fast and I am not looking forward to the day she moves out.
memories are great but making them better :D


I just read your post, fantastic work!!! I can't wait to see more about that fairy cìgarden, I'm pretty sure it will be super!
I agree with you, memories are great, but making them better! :D


thank you @silviabenforti, It's all about the memories, I try and spend an hour each with each of my children every night, I have 3, they have there own personalities so I cater for all of them.
My oldest is 11, she is going on 15 if you get me, she is more into computers and technology and reading, we have an hour every night watching agents of shield, it is good fun and she makes up witty comments before the actors do.
my 5 year old girl she is into drawing art and making things, I try and paint and draw with her every night, then when it is settling down time I read her a story before she cuddles me to sleep, she is a little insecure at the moment as it is a new year at school. and I am a big believer that kids should go to bed happy, so what ever makes her happy makes me happy.
My 17 month old lad like me to be a horse so I am often on my hands and knees walking around the living room with him on my back or we both build with blocks. my wife on the other hand doesn't do anything like that with them, and they tell me that too.
My wife would rather be on facebook talking to old friends or playing games. my kids know what side there bread is buttered as I play the part of mother and father right now.
these are the memories that they will remember forever. :D

You have a minor misspelling in the following sentence:

She arrive at you home and immediatly start to feel herself hungry.
It should be immediately instead of immediatly.

Le scarpe le ho tolteeeeeee prrrrrr :P


Sarà bene :D

Haha...mum & daughter... ;-)

Mom says the same when I come and spend some time with her. Thanks for sharing silvia.


Mom is similar in every country, I think ^_^ I'm pretty sure my daughter will do the same when we'll be mom :D

Hi Noemi... Big hugs for you all (and I like the pink flowers too)


Many hugs from Noemi and all the family too, dear friend ^_^

This is sweet. Family is going through these sorts of things and still loving each other.

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