Shitcoin King's Diary - Adventures in Crypto Land (Part 6)

in life •  7 months ago

A white piece of paper

Today was a shitty day. My whole body hurts like it was hit by a lambo from yesterday's little argument with Mister Bitcoin shithead. Asshole, one day I will show you my revenge. I am like an elephant, I never forget - and for sure I do not forgive.

But to get there, I surely need to get my shitcoin Champagne launched. I mean, I am quite far already. I have gotten it created, have a concept that is revolutionary and a team of highly recognized experts. Not bad for the beginning. But I have to do the next step now.

Earlier, I was sitting on the toilette, my whole body aching, somewhat in a state between reality and ...whatever. I take this huge dump into the toilette bowl and stare at the piece of toilette paper I hold in my hand. A blank, white piece of paper that! is about to be filled and covered with ... shit. That is what I am missing - a White Paper.

A quick internet search immediately brought me many helpful links on how to write a White Paper. But hey, as said before, I am not here for the work but for the money. And why bother working when I can get this to be done by somebody else. As an entrepreneur I can only give you one advice - concentrate on what you can do well, and let others do those things which are not your specialty. My specialty is scamming, not writing White Papers. So I ordered a service which will do this for me. Cost me almost nothing and I can be sure to get a proper paper. If not - then they will get to know the king of shitcoins...

But talking about shit, I gotta run to the toilette again. Looks like my guts do not like the huge amount of pain killers I have consumed today... oh shit... 

See you soon,


Shitcoin King's Diary - Adventures in Crypto Land is a piece of fiction. These events and people are fictional and any resemblance to person living or dead is purely coincidental.

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