We have no idea how much we rely on anything until it is gone!

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We have no idea how much we rely on anything until it is gone!

Comes other ramifications, as I wanted to buy some more steem tonight, and it has taken me all last night just to get 1 email address back, so now I have to sort bittrex and coinbase also, this is my point in totality, we rely on the devices we use, more than on our own capacity to remember now.

In years gone by, I could reel of every person that I knew of - telephone numbers, heck I can still remember my step fathers car registration from 1978, yet now I rely more and more on the supposed superior technology to hand, and everything needs a fecking password, if I use one for all and get hacked by 1 hacker, I am done for, get creative and make 100 different passwords and be fecked if I can remember them, so you leave it to the pc, you know, that trusty bit of made somewhere in a sweat shop, in a land far away from where you live, bit of hardware destined to go wrong, and leave you with 1 billion damn passwords to try to remember.

Now I know already from this fragile society we live in that I have "offended" someone, tough, I am all out of niceties if you are so fragile. and that in part is half to 3/4 of my problem with steemit, that it mirrors society, say 1 thing someone does not like and they are gone forever, good, be gone, you are not welcome here, not now, not ever, if you have zero capacity to argue a point, to stand a ground, whether right or wrong, you have zero moral fiber, and rely on other peoples written words to comfort you, enjoy the solitude, you will make more time for you, as nobody will want to know you anyway, if that is "you" Hey I just gave you a wake up call!.

The saying goes if you have made no enemies in life you have not lived, it's true, it is also true that if you have not made someone think about life, you have not said anything worthy of note!

Honestly I would comedy open mic this, if they were not so anal on rules, you must do this, you must do that (no way) I get enough of that from supposed authorities with guns, without you lot saying it.


Beautiful planet, with beautiful people!

Ha I held back on swearing and feel better for not doing it, my point is as is, there is little point in falling out with people, and even less point with taking offense over a single thing, it is childish in the extreme, are we 3? is everyone on here made of butter? (maybe) GROW A PAIR!

I am starting to think steemit is going to be more a haejin type of thing, just have multi accounts and upvote your other account, as so many people on here never really talk to each other, they just upvote and go, You can visit other peoples blogs, articles or comment on their blogs daily, yet they will rarely return the favor, so is it a social site? The jury is out, and hey I have no time to decide, I will leave it to my alt self at the end "the judge".

I will leave you with a funny story, I have no idea why, other than I do not want to think about anything else tonight, as I am restoring one of my motorbikes in the pm.

Whilst listening to the radio at 11 years old, there was a call for people to come and help put out a fire on parkland, as kids, in the summer holidays, we felt no fear and responded to the call, my 1 year older than me sister, and some friends. On the way back from beating the tiny flames down in the short grass with rags, we came upon a pile of cow manure dumped by a farmer, my sister thought it would be a good idea to jump over it, she tripped and fell face first in it, we laughed at her all the way home whilst holding our noses, like any news, it got old two days later, yet you know, just for fun, 40 years later I can still say "hey stinky" and the smile she gives me, says "Hey you, I felt bad at the time, I let it go now!


Verdict = Take a lesson from my older sister!

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I read a good article.


Me too, I forget which one it was though?

Yes yes yes

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LOL oh go on then.


Sometimes or most of the time I have read things 3 to 4 times to retain any of it
I am a salesman at heart and I absorb the spoken word instantaneously

Why I said that makes no sense to your post other than I went back to read it a couple more times

You are spot on in several areas and I can definitely relate it

I still remember phone numbers from the 70 and 80s

Lost is the time when you walk in to a place of business and say here I am

The land of resumes and online applications not only is cold
But sucks the high hard one

Next post maybe you let the filth fly

I find that sometimes there is no better work than Fuck to describe any number of situations or emotions

Thanks again for Your post
Enjoyed it

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Thanks for keeping it real, much appreciated comment, I hope to engage in conversation with you more in the future, and hey, I am glad you are here.


I look forward to it
I think we have charted some of the same waters!!

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to be honest your post is good


Thanks for your confirmation, I feel way better now!

This is very cool


Yo bro, you are way more cool.

I hear you. Every digital place needs a fecking password. So much so that I rely on Password Managers to generate gibberish passwords and store them.

I had a spreadsheet I was keeping up to date with links to website, username, password and the blasted "Security questions".

Cleaned up and closed accounts then opened more accounts and dang it. It's just too much to keep up with. And all that to realize I'm reusing passwords or if not, the pattern is obvious.

I don't let Firefox or Opera remember passwords anymore...

BUT it is possible to remember a lot of these data. I'm just too lazy for it.

@imstan just told me he remembers phone numbers, addresses etc from whenever he was a kid and barely remembers our cellphone numbers now because we change them often.

Don't you think this is just a planned agenda to dumb down society so we can't remember the lies they tell us? In 4 years everybody here forgets what happened and votes left. Another 4 years, they forget again and vote right.

Never ending cycle... of stupidity


I do indeed think it is on purpose, most people could go to jail, get 1 phone call, and not remember a single number to phone anyone, add into it digital cameras, and the lack of film prints, and we have a throw away society that has not even the memories of the past, due to hdd failures and family photos gone in 1 instant.

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This is very cool


Wow I am feeling like a rock star, rock on bro rock on.

Passwords the biggest current bane to society. I had to today have a new password sent to me. So what the hell good does having a password do if I can just ask for a new one to be sent every time I forget it. And digital security is a fricken joke, prior to chipped credit cards if I used my credit card for any purchase even a two dollar purchase I needed to sign my name, that is no longer true with a chipped credit card, I do not know how many times I have used it and did not have to sign, even with that silly digital pen that no one can use to make a legible signature.

I can still remember my phone number my drivers license number, and my wife's phone number, not many others to remember. I did have trouble the other day trying to handwrite a cursive capital J though, so yeah some skills are going by the wayside due to lack of use.


We need to be picking skills up, not losing them, so I guess you got my point, always good to hear from you bro.

We can be more better


In you I trust.

How many peaple will lose so much when there computer aids take a dump. I think peaple saying they are offended is them passing the buck back to the other person so they can rant and rave how bad they have been done by :( Enjoy the resto process mate and have a great night.


Cheers my bro from another mo, you seen my fan club above lol, all good fun, you have a superb day/night also.


I noticed that mate :) and all those upvote. Thanks mate and stay safe and have fun:)

I heard there was a death in the family of a woman who babysat my kids when they were young. She's in her nineties so needless to say she still has her landline and the same phone number but it took me several attempts to finally kick the number out of storage, my brain had to go so far back I thought I was going to tip over backwards. Just think how bad off we are if we leave our cells phones at home and needed to call a family member or friend for assistance...though you have to stop and think even if I had a number in my head to call is there really pay phones around anymore.

Your story of your sister reminded me of a family picnic about four, five years back. It was a impromptu type of event early in the spring, the ground was still quite wet, there was a lot of mud around the lagoon still from flooding. We had taken a small tabletop grill in case we couldn't find a picnic table with a grill by it. Which was exactly what happened, seems we weren't the only one's anxious to get out. My son took the grill by the legs off the table down to the lagoon so he could pour some water over the coals to put them out. He slipped on the mud and fell backwards, luckily he realized he was going down and threw the grill away from him but he landed head to toe in the mud, thick mud, when he raised up he looked like the monster from the lagoon, it was terribly hard not to laugh and most of us didn't until everyone at the other tables around us broke into hysterical laughing. There wasn't a inch on his back side that wasn't covered in mud. Everyone who drove there then said well he's not riding home with me...needless to say I got stuck with that.


Lol great story, I once sat on a grill whilst camping, I must have been 4 or 5, you never forget them moments.

It is quite alarming how many of our life skills we're losing. As you said we used to be able to keep multiple telephone numbers in our heads, now we'd be hard pressed to remember even one. Same with writing, soon we won't remember how to do that either. And now with electronics becoming voice-activated, typing skills will be next to go along with map reading. Or am I just firmly stuck in the 20th century?


Nope, you are bang on track and on point, glad you understood, not many will, as they have been trained down already, old school rules bro.