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Hey guys.

This is kind of a cool one, but also waaaay out there.

What if I told you that this was a real creature?


This is an artists depiction of what is known as a "Blue Avian".

Blue Avians

These things require a lot of context to explain.

Secret Space Program (SSP)

There's a theory about something called the "Secret Space Program" (SSP), which is a "black budget project" intending to form a breakaway civilization using high-technology which has been being developed for generations without disclosure to the general public.

This scene from the movie Independence Day does a pithy job of summing up what a "black budget project" is:

"You don't actually think they spend $20,000 on a hammer, $30,000 on a toilet seat... do you?"

This is actually the most plausible part of this entire theory.

Honestly, take a second and think about it. How quickly did the US develop space technology when the pressure was on during the Cold War? How is it that we were able to do so much so quickly, and then nothing for 5 generations?

It is perfectly reasonable to assume that our Government has continued to make developments in space travel and advanced technology, only done so in secret, with laundered funding sources.

The Sphere Being Aliance

This is where things start to get wild.

Supposedly, this SSP has also been dealing with various extra terrestrial matters.

You know, like in Men In Black?

And, apparently, the SSP has recently come into contact with something called the Sphere Being Alliance, which is a group representing 5 different "6-9th Density" beings.

Two of these races have not been identified, but of the other three we have:

  1. The Sphere Beings: these are creatures that are described as blue orbs that seem to have no sense of limitation in size, sometimes appearing as large as a softball and sometimes as large as a moon.
  2. The Golden Triangle-Headed Beings: these things are humanoids which stand about a foot taller than humans, with gaunt bodies, yellow skin, and a head that looks like an upside-down Doritos chip with minimal facial features (eyes, nostrils, mouth).
  3. The Blue Avians: These are also humanoids that stand about 7 feet tall and have bird-like features, including blue feathers, beak-like mouths, and piercing eyes.

All of these beings are so far beyond humans that it's a good thing that they aren't hostile.

This Alliance has reportedly set up a protective "energetic blockade" around our planet and also the solar system. They are in part here to help prevent harmful disruption to us and also to present a message.

This "Message" is the Blue Avians job.

The Message

This is not the first time the Avians have come to tell us something.

Apparently they've been here three times before, and we just keep screwing it up!


This is their message as explained by Micheila Sheldan:


This is all very trippy stuff!!

A personal anecdote

Years ago, before I had heard about any of this, I had worked on a story which would become a game or a comic, and it had a character which acted as a sort of imaginary friend to a troubled young boy.

The boy called this creature the Owl Man, and this is how I drew it:

the owel man sketch 1.png

Now, this thing is quite a bit more sinister looking than the Blue Avian's are depicted, but you have to admit the resemblance considering I had never heard of those things before and I had basically created a 7 foot tall blue bird-looking creature that exists in a deeper dimensional plain than normal human perception and was trying to guide a troubled human.


I forgot to add that almost all of this stuff is originating from a man named Corey Goode, and you can find his website here:

This guy claims to have first hand contact with the creatures and organizations he talks about. To be quite honest, I do not find him to be very bright, compared to some of the other people who partner with him such as David Wilcock.

So make of that what you will and draw your own conclusions.

What do you think about this stuff?


Yeah. This is all quite abnormal.

But hey -- that's what Paranormal Steemit is all about!

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I'd like to meet one of them :)


Same here :D

Digging Owl Man!



Hmm, I wonder if that's the original drawing by Corey Goode. Aloha


I'm fairly certain that they hired a few artists to recreate these things in different mediums based on their descriptions. Crazy stuff.


The woo woo world caused me a lot of sleepless nights dancing in curiosity. Aloha!

Sounds like Alien adventure to me!
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I looked into this alot but decided theres no point in believing others when we can just find out ourselves, check out CE-5 Dr. Steven Greer its awesome! They made the documentary Sirius disclosure.

Ive seen you around on youtube and assumed i followed you on steemit but i just found you on the new section, you post great stuff!


Hey, thanks a lot!

I think the blue avians are what the ancient Sumerians call the Annunaki, the sky beings who gave humanity mathematics and possibly other world changing concepts. They are mentioned in this video, one of my favorite nuggets of truth on the internet:


I think they are different thing, but I appreciate the theory. Thanks :D


the annunaki are supposed to be reptillians and stuff but who knows what facts are real and what are meant to deter people through fear ¯_(ツ)_/¯