[No. 4] Mountain Exploration Series ... — Steemit

[No. 4] Mountain Exploration Series ...

in life •  10 months ago


"There are some things you can't share without ending up liking each other, and knocking out a twelve foot mountain troll is one of them."

  • J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

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I really like your post, if there is time visit my account @izam


Hey @izam, glad you like it. I had a look at your account. I see it's fairly new. You are going to have to be patient, persistent and positive. Steem on ... 🚂

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Great shot, remember Rocky Balboa training ha ha ha


Hey @entertainment123, LOL ... thanks for the comment. Keep well. Shaun

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Interesting mountain troll...! by the way nice frame.

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Hey abasinkanga, LOL ... glad you like the frame. No problem. You can run your ad in my comments feed. However, I don't think the results are going to be that good. Try asking a master steemian with thousands of followers. You should get a much better results on their comments section. Later, Shaun ...

We may have something in common - love for the mountains. I do it slightly differently though. I do it on two wheels ;) @sunilcsharma


Hey @sunilcsharma, nice! ... How do you mean? ... Mountain biking or dirt bikes? ... 🚴‍♂️


Mountain Biking :)
you can check out my posts they are mostly about mtn bikes.


Hey @sunilcsharma, I had a look at your blog. You seem to be working it. Well done ... 👍

Awesome view! I'd just hope it wasn't too windy :)


Hey @daily-musings, it is a good photo. Blue skies and a little bit of snow on the top of the mountains ... Thanks for the comment ... 🌝