Guinea pig. Lovely Pets.

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Keep Pets very responsible, but at the same time a pleasant experience. Probably one of the most simple maintenance and care are the Guinea pigs.

Cute and small creatures like hamster, only bigger. Despite its name, these animals are not related to ordinary pigs and the sea, and they are named because they came to us because of the sea. But the word pig does not cause any questions from anybody on closer acquaintance with this animal, and all because issued by Guinea pigs sounds more like grunting, and any landlord of these Pets any Association with pigs. Originally, Guinea pigs were used as food, and later began to breed domestic ornamental Pets. Currently displayed many kinds of breeds of Guinea pigs. Among them are gladkosherstnye female, long-haired, pig - Sphynx, and other breeds.

The appearance is small in size, about 25 – 30 cm, blunt snout, tail is missing. Weight of males is about one to one and a half kilograms, smaller females, from nine grams to one and two tenths kilograms.

Care and maintenance of Guinea pigs is not particularly difficult. Enough to adhere to ordinary rules. A few times per week to do cleaning the whole cage, changing the bedding made of pressed sawdust. The diet consists of eating hay, which should always be available, and special feed, and fresh water contained in the troughs. I need to tell separately about eating an animal's own droppings, used for enrichment with vitamins from groups b and K to be absorbed only during the second passage through the intestinal tract.

Guinea pigs-good-natured and pleasant animals who love to be on hands at the owner, thus often making sounds similar to purring or gurgling. But you should be careful with them, as the fall, even from a small height, can injure your pet. To other sounds, they published, include the rumbling of males during courtship, loud beeping sounds when the animal feels fresh food. It is also found knock teeth that manifests itself in dissatisfaction.

Guinea pigs are social animals, and therefore it is better to cage a pet was in sight, so the animal felt your company, or worth buying for him a companion, but of the same sex. The contents of Guinea pigs alone leads to overeating and a shorter lifespan.

In a cage for an animal can be equipped with a house he can hide in if necessary. House it is advisable to make from the bark of the tree, in this case, the pet will still grind down on his teeth.

It is sometimes necessary to release the animal from the cage for a walk, but should not be left unattended on the couch to avoid falling and injury.


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