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RE: Vlog 198: Enforce the SBD peg or not?

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You are absolutely right that such binding will negatively affect the whole of our ecosystem and the blockchain as a whole. It's a very correct remark that this will create problems for traders on exchanges and they will not be able to maintain a normal course for the STEEM and SBD , hence the fall in trading volumes and loss of interest in our currency, which will mean a loss of interest in the Steemit and the development of the ecosystem forget it! Thank you Mark and keep us informed of what's happening!


I'm not really sure what you're arguing for... Are you saying it's good or bad that SBD is making us wealthier?

I wanted to say that traders must decide for themselves what the price will be in the market and the fact that the SBD is high, it gives development.

Exactly! Pegging it to a dollar is economic self-destruction and I feel threatened by these "witnesses" trying to destroy the price. I'm trading SBD myself. I am a crypto trader.

FREE MARKETS are what we want........LET SBD go to any price that way the Market stays FREE

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