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Are Resource Credits Preventing Spam? Yes (Proof Inside!)

in life •  7 months ago

I've missed you satirical writing style @nonameslefttouse, apologies for not sussing your page more frequently, you know how it is.

I really enjoyed this post. To be honest, I'm enjoying anything to do with how these Resource Credits are stomping out spammers. If only we had a way to stomp out the copywriters next, for good.

Keep doing you @nonameslefttouse because you're a benefit to the community.

Thanks for flagging shitheads!

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I do know how it is. Some of us would need a few clones with paid assistants and still have trouble being everywhere we'd like to be around this place.

I'm happy I stumbled on to this spammer. People can be technical with me, I can understand their language, but everything comes so much more clearly to me when I actually see it working.

When it comes to these accounts clearly here to be a menace, I think it would be interesting to find ways to vote people off of the platform. Suspensions even. Have these cases put in front of a jury, keep open minds, make a decision. I don't think I'd ever want to be on that jury though.

I'll see you around.


Introducing a classical judicial system would only create pandemonium. I think once we have 1account=1stake voting we'll be able to recreate the way we vote for or against others, in a fairly accountable way. This is the type of voting I was hoping for in the beginning of Steemit as I was looking for a solution to vote manipulation in classic polling methods.

Back to the point, I think we'll be able to squash platform degraders once vote changes are implemented in the future. At least that's where my understanding is of future changes, I could be wrong. Either way we're moving in the right direction; forward!

See you round!