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When my dad was growing up, each night of the week was associated with one meal and I just loved hearing that story. It was back in the day when they did not have freezers so on hot summer evenings, they would slice up the ice cream and serve it according to the number of people in the family.

At our home, we have tacos on Tuesday nights and it is becoming so popular that my pastor comes to join us because it is hard to make tacos for one person and we all enjoy good conversations together while enjoying our meal.


1 package of corn taco shells
1 package of taco seasonings
1 pound of grass fed beef
4 roma tomatoes, just the outer part of the tomatoes in chunks (no seeds please)
sour cream
1/2 to 1 head of romaine lettuce sliced thinly
mexican shredded cheese

I cook the ground beef and while it is cooking, I prepare the lettuce and tomatoes. After meat is done, I drain it, add 2/3 cups of water and seasonings and let it simmer a bit more. I heat the taco shells in the oven at 350 degrees for 5 minutes immediately before serving.

I set up a taco bar so folks can make tacos or taco salads.

Thank you for your upvotes and resteem @senseicat


How long would it usually take you to whip of a few tacos? I'm planning on making some for my parents (they are asian and usually don't eat anything besides asian) so I want to make sure I spare enough time for it !

I am also Asian and our family loves tacos! It takes no more than 30 minutes total prep and cooking time and super easy and delicious. I hope that they will enjoy it with you.

Thank you! I'll give it a crack :)

I love tacos .... excellent recipe

Looks yummy....@senseicat. Let me taste it lol

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nice post,thanks for shearing.
Trying this tonight!!this [email protected]

Very nice story, and very good recipe I will make, blessings

Hello. I liked your post, keep it up. Good luck

Although I never had taste the recipe, but it seems like watching the recipe from youtube, I have to eat the recipe. In one word it is a good thing in all words.


Woo .. Food is delicious friend

Very tasty food, great post @ senseicat👍

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