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If you are a bargain hunter, you may think that wholesalers such as Costco is a dream come true. I once read that most people who are considered middle income and higher all tend to splurge on a membership. Today, I accompanied my friend into Costco and I ended up spending a small fortune. The prices were pretty spectacular and definitely worth buying excellent tested and trusted products for a discount.

I advise that you be careful of all the great deals, because there were some cases where I know that the .99 cent store has even lower prices. Do not simply assume that every item is the lowest price and make sure that you do your research.


As a smaller statured person, I struggled with lifting almost all the purchases and required help. Luckily, I had the good fortune of having help from my friend otherwise, I would say skip it unless you know that you can actually carry your purchases on your own.

At the end of the shopping trip, you are required to show your proof of purchase in order to exit the building so this is a safety precaution for the warehouse that makes sense.

Do you think that the membership is worth the annual cost? I think that it is worth it only if you end up going to the store and saving at least the cost of the membership. Of course, it is much better to save even more as long as you enjoy the products and can afford to shop there.


I've been going for years. I definitely think it's a good deal for me, but it just depends on whether or not they carry enough things that you'll buy often enough and go through fast enough. I think their coffee is an insanely good deal. The dog food is good quality for the price, so I always get that there. If you cook a lot, their cooking oils and spices are a great deal as well. I buy ribeye steaks nearly every time I go, because their meat is top notch quality.

Yes, I completely agree that one of the reasons for Costco's popularity is the combination of excellent quality at reduced prices! I think that I have been extremely satisfied with all of my purchases and I also understand that they have a generous return policy also.

I've been a member of Costco for years. Never looked back. I get the membership fee back every year, too.

The secrets to Costco shopping lie in the cents. Apparently, Costco has price codes:

.99 – products are listed at full-price.

.97 - DEALS that the store manager has decided on and can yield awesome discounts.

49 or .79 - special offers by the manufacturer, and typically apply to products on a trial run in the store, usually priced cheaper than at retail stores.

.00 or .88 are the ones the managers want off the shelves immediately, as they've been priced down and are nearly out of stock. (You might want to inspect items carefully.)

Costco also sells online. The USA website seems to have a much wider selection of items compared to their site in Canada. Most items sold online include the cost of shipping.

So there are my penny for thoughts. 😊

Waoooooowwwwwww it's amazing😁😁😁😁😁😁

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I think the membership is more viable if you are a fixed wholesale buyer, ie you go at least once a month, but not worth it is as in my country a place called Makro has the same job as Costco and also offer memberships to wholesalers

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I love Costco and their Kirkland brand. What makes their membership even more spectacular is when you sign up as a new member with this deal. It had just recently expired, but i know they have this deal twice a year. You get a bunch of extra goodies for just about the same prices as a normal gold membership.

I've been a member for a few years. I like the convenience of buying most of the stuff I would buy anyway in bulk, so to say. True, you can find better prices. But I think it all evens out over time. Thanks for your mini-review though.

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