What Makes Us (Man) Changed!

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The Basic Reasons

Everyman has a weakness
-COD Makarov

A bunch of words quoted from one of popular game Call of Duty-Modern Warfare III by Makarov while he didn't get what he what from Russian President. So, the phrases said by him to find The Presidents weakness in order to get the nuclear code secret, and the president weakness was the only one daughter whereas also crashed in the airplane incident. So, by hearing the instruction from their leader, makarov's men try to advanced the mission to find the daughter.

What I want to tell from the short explanation above is about something among another thing whereas makes a man changed. In one condition, the changed fell to the president, the other side to makarov, both of side show that they have weakness. Indeed, by knowing the president's weakness was his daughter, as we know for a man (Father) families (Daugther) is everything. By this weakness every possibilities whereas forced to him, he will lost controlled and ruin his mind. By the moment, there'll be a chance to maintain the condition for makarov.

But, in the other side of makarov, what about his weaness! What is makarov weakness regarded the condition?

Did you get it?

Why he captured the president and try to find his weakness? Yup! Makarov weakness is Power. Why I said that? Because of power is things what makes a man changed! The weakness refer to the nature of his phobia, sellfish, egoism and everything that lead into the uncertainty emotions.


So, guys! Based on the simple story defines above, I think you get something as the point related to this article post entitled What Makes A Man Changed?

As you know there's a huge definition regarded this points! As we also knew that weakness defines through emotional responses to what we have (owned) or etc. By the understanding that your weakness will be used by others (Enemy/Oposition) or it will changed you into something that's not you or turn your ideology into something worse than before (If you didn't realized who you were), such as following phrases described:

  • You Love Something (Family/Pet) means you already have a weakness which is mean it will changed you;
  • You have a Power (Position/capabilities) means you owned the weakness as it will make you changed by its reasons.
  • You tell me...!

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Life teach us a thousand valuable lesson within experiences from tragedy or etc. So, why not we learn and try to adapt by our understanding to our life itself. In this point, things that will changed (Negative) you is the real enemy or reasons you must defeated or controlled. As it will used by other or made you separated from social life.

Power and position is a temporary range of time that fell onto you! While the social life means everything toward your life when you become as ordinary man. For what the arrogant or appearance that changed you if it none useful in future for your life. You just can't ignored or make your environment feeling useless wheile they asked your effort, you shouldn't do that! Because of one day, one day the time range and positiom will be changed and also you! it will changed to an ordinary man without position or power. In the other word, the environment (people) will treat you as you treated them in past!

One more thing regarded to what makes a man changed! And it was families (Daughter for a Man as Father). Just try to stay low profile by the mean you didn't make the world shaked by your families story shared. As it will also used by others to defeat you. Be in mind! That emotional side played a big effect toward life.

Final Thought

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In the end, we are as a hu(man) and what is the most important thing to underline regarded to the things that will changed us? That is the Emotional Responses through everything we have (owned) must be maintained and controlled. As it will make the others (Enemies) can't learned anything from you! Stay low profile if you're not a kind of emotional handled person.

Sometime, people will used their opponent emotional side to find out what is his weakness till then changed will goes by naturally. So, people keep calm, your Emotional Responses means everything to your opponent as it will show the real you toward them.

In my opinion, the things that will makes a man changed is Emotional Response to what we have (Owned) most. As the mentioned explanation above, the two crucial point related about our families & power must be controlled. Till then we will changed into something positive as it flowed based on our controlled or in the other word, lets called by Self Awareness.


Here am I from the other side of mind to remind about What Makes A Man Changed & Lets Think out side the Box.
By @seifanlj

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