Life Lesson #05 : Two Crucial Part: Why People Changed?

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Based on quote above, we knew that within life there could be happen everything we did't figured it out. Till then, the affect will flowed toward our self. Realize or not! All of us felt this experiences, some succeed meanwhile another failed.

It is life brought us too many reasons to stay, smile, stand strong, and everything intended to your wishes. The things you must control is yourself, caused you are the main CPU of your story (live)

We need to realize that there are two main reason which is caused and impact our existences in live. Till then while we understood and controlled it, we will be able to maintain and deals with our lives.

1. Understanding (Open Minded)

If you get this point in seeing all problems you faced, you will be ready to pass on next step. As your mind worked it out. Just like the history traces whereas described the condition of Japan People after Hiroshima & Nagasaki Bomb (WWII). After six day bombing, the caesar call his ministry and he asked:

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Where is our teacher? Is there are some who survived?

At that time at least 45.000 Japanese teachers survived and being ordered by the caesar to rebuild the people existences through education.

Why their leader asked TEACHER? you knew it!

Teacher is a hope to rebuild the whole country in fact or abstract, mind and people existences through education and every positive aspects need. The caesar didn't fell dissappoint nor he mourned on both his mind and heart, caused his understanding (Open Minded) beyond the tragedy, that is he want to rebuild the whole country through the hand of teacher. Till then, time to time Japan become as the beautiful, strong, popular, and modern country by its contributions through every technology they made.

The Point

The point from the history was how was great the caesar mind he sees the tragedy by the open minded not only by felt it. Therefor, as long as we can maintained our Mind Open, the changed could be minimalize as the understanding always step ahead. Besides in fact, there are just some of us who failed this part and they just changed as the condition forward.

2. Pain (Broken Heart)

Talking about Heart it was unlimited discussion while we can focus here by thenmean with the feels. The heart will response every situation faced. Whether happy, sad! Everything will passed through the heart. Till then, if there are some who felt sad (Even: Broken Heart), the heart will react through emotional whereas shown from our attitudes, behave, acts and etc.

People will easily changed by the time their heart unstable, in the other word Broken Heart as the high level of heart issues. It could be caused everything, eg. Love, family, friend, dream and etc.

The Point

Meanwhile, the point as concern to come over this situation is by having the successful Open Minded. As it come as the key to control the feels, eventhought sometimes pros-cons forward. But, the Open Minded will easily cure this part as the order comes from the mind and the heart will flowed step by step.

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If we go back to the history, all of us knew that Romeo didn't do wrong part in his scenario to save Juliet, but Juliet herself did. There are no wrong/mistake on both of couple, its only their fate revealed in different ending. But, the lesson is Romeo utilized his broken heart through Open Minded Strategy to make their story goes forward. Meanwhile the fact and the fate didn't stayed with them. If Romeo didn't do anything and just passed on his broken heart, the story will record in another ways. And he is in Pain all his life, but sometimes our decision lead us into something worst and sometimes it just another word of win. You decide! Correct me if I made a mistake, please!

Final Thought

People changed because of reasons. Reason are made by the nature through the unconcious whereas performed by human. Sometimes, there are just logic and failed reason non senses, but that is live, the simple word with the unlimited stories to tell.

This article only presented the main point which is mean didn't explain and elaborated the deep discussion related to people changed! The two crucial part mentioned below come as the most logic oart that everybody felt in their life. A the quote stated following below.


Therefor, as human our mind are the most powerful element among another creatures. Besides, the heart play an important role to defines our best decision making. Please, correct me if I made some mistake! Your contribution is worth as it mean positive to public and community feed.



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